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  1. All submissions are welcome. Each submission will be viewed by one of our editorial staff. The editor will determine whether or not your submitted article meets our standards for content, writing quality, and adherence to our editorial policies. We reserve the right to deny publication of any article which, in the sole opinion of our editor, is not appropriate for our directory. If your article is of high quality but simply needs some tweaking to be acceptable, our editor will suggest changes and you may re-submit. We cannot, however, edit your work or notify you of reasons why your work was denied.

  2. We accept only articles focused on the general field of Parenting ... and which fit logically into one of our established categories. (Note: If you feel that your article would better fit into a more specific category which is not listed on our site, please suggest the new category through "contact us" form. Your suggestion will be considered and, if appropriate, will be added to our category or sub-category list.)

  3. We accept articles from automated article submission services or software, and from authors directly. Each article must be individually submitted by the author, or article owner, and the submitter must be the legal copyright holder for the article submitted. Submissions made through submission services are assumed to be the property of the legal copyright owner.

  4. We will automatically deny articles that contain any hate, warez, spam, foul language, etc.
    Authors making such submissions will be banned from our directory.

  5. We reserve the right to place your article in a different category than you selected... if our editor believes it to be a more appropriate category or sub-category for your article.

  6. Gold Author Seal
  7. Special "Gold Standard Author" status is awarded by our editorial staff to authors who, in the sole opinion of our editors, consistently provide only the very highest quality articles and content. This special status carries with it some very important and valuable benefits. Authors awarded this status will receive notification via email and will receive our Gold Standard Awards Package through the mail, along with a personal "Thank You" from our President.

  8. Here are several "DO NOT DO" items to keep in mind when submitting articles:
    (Articles which do not conform to all of our guidelines will be automatically declined.)

    • Do not use ALL CAPS in your headlines. User upper and lower case only.

    • Do not put (") (') or (/) in any article title. Any of these will generally create problems.

    • Do not repeat the title of your article in the body section of the submission form.

    • Do not put affiliate links or link backs to your own sites in the body of the article. Affiliate links and link backs to your own sites are only allowed in the "bio" section.

    • Do not put any author contact information or details in the body of the article. Again, only use the "bio" section for this information.

    • Do not write a sales pitch. Only articles which contain quality, useable, content will be approved.

    • Do not submit articles that are "off-topic". Parenting Article Library(tm) only accepts articles that are in the Parenting genre.

    • Do not use imbedded links in the body of an article... if you are linking out to an external resource {not your own} then put the full url with full "http:" protocol.

    • Do not use imbedded links in your "bio". Use only full url's with the full "http:" protocol.

    • Do not put a period (.) at the very end of a url. It will generally make the url link non-functional.

  9. Here are some things you will WANT TO DO to improve your article marketing...

    • Use only full "http:" protocol urls.

    • Make an offer to readers to respond to in your bio. Example: free newsletter, free white paper, etc. Give them a "call-to-action".... a reason to click over to you.

    • You are allowed up to three (3) live links in your bio... use them.

    • Code all your links to open to a new browser window. This leaves your article open for reference.

    • Submit more articles... Remember: If "content is king"... then volume of content is the "King-of-Kings"!


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