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    1086 ViewsBasic Investing for the Small (micro) Investor  By : Basic Investor
    The following is a letter I sent to my children in 2001. It is about investing and how to go about it. How to start. How to maximize safety. There is no free lunch. You do have to do some easy reading. You need to know this stuff to manage your 401k and your IRA. You might as well start now.
    823 ViewsTips On How To Choose Winning Stock  By : Joseph Kenny
    Learning how to use the stock market is always more than just a little tricky. But even then, being able to foresee what is going to happen in the stock market will always have a risk factor - you win some, and... Knowing just which ones to pick should not be left to mere guesswork, or "hunches." Here are a few good things to look at when trying to find that "just right" stock for you to invest in.

    Pay Attention To The Market

    Anyone that does any kind of investing knows...
    813 ViewsLearn How To Sell Your Stocks And Make A Profit  By : Robert Michael
    Have you ever wanted to get started buying and selling stocks in the stock market but it seemed to complicated and you just didn’t know how to get started? Buying and selling stocks is actually quite simple and very easy process.

    The first thing you need to do is have an understanding of stocks and the stock market. A stock certificate is a share of ownership in the company. It is the smallest unit of ownership that you can have. If you own a share of stock in a company yo...
    738 ViewsWe Should All Be Grateful To Day Traders  By : Amy F. Goodmann
    Day traders play an essential and often uppreciated role in our economy. And do not most things and events in life come back to the subject of “money “. Day traders allow the stock market to put a price on the companies that are a constant, vital part of our lives. We know these companies. As they touch our lives in many ways. They build our homes, produce our food, make our clothing and build our cars. They broadcast our TV show we watch and pipe the internet as well as tele...
    699 ViewsMiles Credit Cards: Getting The Most Out Of A Frequent Flyer Credit Card  By : Jeff Weber
    Airline miles credit cards are among the most popular types of rewards credit cards. However, only a handful of frequent flyer miles credit cards provide great rewards and value. The reason for this is quite simple: most airline specific credit cards charge astronomical annual fees and high interest rates. Now, if you travel often and spend more than $10,000 a year, just about any airline credit card will earn you miles. However, if you want to get free miles, airline flexibi...
    664 ViewsInstant Online Credit Card Applications Have Changed  By : Jeff Weber
    Five years ago, a consumer could apply for a credit card and receive not only confirmation of approval, but also the card’s 16 digit number and expiration date in a matter of minutes. Getting a credit card online was truly an instant process. And an easy one. Especially for identity thieves, who could max out a person’s virtual credit card before the actual plastic arrived in the unsuspecting consumer’s mailbox. Problems such as these ultimately led to the phasing out of inst...
    663 ViewsRequirements by Stock Exchange  By : Dr. D.S. Merchant
    The securities traded on a stock exchange include: shares issued by companies, unit trusts and other pooled investment products and bonds. To be able to trade a security on a certain stock exchange, it has to be listed there. Usually there is a central location at least for recordkeeping,
    662 ViewsIntelligent Stock Trading  By : Sam Chim
    If you want be a successful penny stock trader, you’ll need to be an intelligent trader. There are very few requirements to start trading in penny stocks. It can be broken down into three main things.

    1. Money:

    The money we are talking about is not just the money that is sitting in your bank account. It is not the money that you use to pay for your rent, your car or your food. Penny stocks can be extremely unpredictable and although you might make a great deal of money ...
    657 ViewsHow To Find Safe Offshore Banking You'll Be Happy With.  By :
    You might want an offshore Swiss account in order to:

    - Expand your business;
    - Minimise your taxation;
    - Simplify business administration;
    - Asset protection;
    - Estate planning;
    - Financial anonymity;
    - Tax-free investing.

    Those who engage in international or online business and who generate a large tax exposure can legally ease their burden through an offshore account. Bear in mind that the Swiss government charges a 35% withholding tax on interest earned...
    654 ViewsBasic Principles Of An Investing Club  By : Stu Pearson
    Investment clubs are created by individuals who not only want to pool their funds together to make a joint investment but would also like to gain knowledge on the various types of viable investment opportunities that are available in the market. Each member of the club contributes periodically an agreed amount of money to purchase growth stocks by means of a dollar cost averaging approach.

    The dividends as well as the capital gains are usually reinvested to gain more inte...
    650 Views10 Tips To Improved Personal Budgeting  By : Matt Shupe
    $Clip coupons. This is the single most important rule of personal budgeting. Why? Simply because a few minutes spent clipping coupons could end up saving you multiple dollars in the checkout line.

    $Buy in bulk. If your favorite products are on sale, buying in bulk may cost you more at present but could end up saving you a lot in the future. Some good examples are items that do not have an expiration date, such as soap, shampoo, toiletries and other household items. Canned ...
    644 ViewsManage Your Credit Card Debt  By : Mario Churchill
    Sure having a credit card is cool. It’s like having a second wallet. Just pull it out and voila your shopping bags are paid for. The problem comes in the form of the statement reaching your doorstep and you do not have the budget.

    Thus, you find yourself in a slump – credit card debt. Sometimes it gets so out of hand that you cannot manage it. You are not alone. Hundreds, and even thousands of Americans, go through the same problem. Be they young or old, male or female, a ...
    639 ViewsSomething special about Home equity loans  By : Robert Thomson
    Home equity loans are a type of secured loans where the house is kept as a collateral security by the borrower.
    635 ViewsManaging your Credit Card Online  By : Peter J Kenny
    There are very few credit card providers operating these days who will not allow you to interact with the company through the internet. You can start right from the beginning with your first application online and then once you are approved you will also be able to manage your credit card account online also.
    634 ViewsSaving A Fortune With Your Mortgage  By : Gerald Mason
    Life is full of choices.

    The type of mortgage you take out can make a great difference to you.

    Paper or plastic? Car or SUV? Rent or buy? Perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will ever make is whether to take a fixed-rate or adjustable rate mortgage.

    So what exactly is the difference between these two types of mortgages? With a fixed rate mortgage, your payments are the same for the life of the loan.

    Regardless of inflation or other economic factors, your mort...
    628 ViewsIs Bankruptcy Right For You  By : Nicky Bullimore
    Knowing the best solution when you have a debt problem can be difficult if you have never been in a debt situation before. There are a number of options available which will depend on your individual circumstances.
    622 ViewsSwitzerland vs Panama Asset Protection  By : Elance
    Making a decision as to where you will protect your assets can be difficult. Asset protection in Panama is the best alternative to Switzerland today.
    620 ViewsGreat Lease Deals on Used Wheels  By : Michael Trusthold
    Are you struggling with the decision whether to buy or lease a new car? You many not realize that leasing a used car is another option that's available to you. Leasing a used vehicle is an attractive option for drivers who want an affordable alternative to driving a luxury sedan or truck.
    618 ViewsLearn About Several Institutions Offering Mortgage Loans  By : Robert Thomson
    A mortgage loan enables a person to buy a home, and they can pay the money back to the bank or financial institution over a certain period of time.
    612 ViewsRepay Your Debts with Ease  By : Robert Thomson
    A home equity loan is based on the equity of the home, and will also be calculated accordingly by the lending institutions to the borrowers.
    610 ViewsLife Insurance Services  By : Jon Banks
    Protect your love ones when you are no longer around.
    609 ViewsCheap Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts
    Cheap credit cards come in many varieties. In addition, there are many factors a consumer needs to take into consideration when determining whether or not a credit card is truly cheap.

    The first factor most people consider when looking for cheap credit cards is its APR. The APR, or annual percentage rate, determines the amount of finance charges that will be added to the account if the balance is not paid in full at the end of each billing cycle. Therefore, the lower the A...
    608 Views3 Tips On Choosing Home Equity Credit Line  By : Susan Chen
    Are you a homeowner with a secure job and fixed income? Then a home equity loan is your best solution during times when you need some extra cash to meet expenditures such as home improvement or loan consolidation. If you need credit within a short period of time, and if you are certain you will be able to pay off the debt within a certain period and know exactly how much your expenditure is going to cost, then home equity credit line is your ideal solution. In other words, wh...
    587 ViewsA Quick Guide On Where To Go For Payment Protection Insurance  By :
    Payment protection insurance is offered by all of the major high street banks and lenders these days, largely because they noticed that it was a highly profitable product that few people ever claimed on. Of course, their deceitful sales techniques, as reported by a large number of consumers since 2005, helped to make payment protection insurance this way. But the resultant investigations into the payment protection insurance industry by the Financial Services Authority, the O...
    584 ViewsGet Started With Wells Fargo Online Banking Today!  By : Dennis Frank
    Wells Fargo online banking offers many of the features you would expect a bank to offer. In addition to the ability to view your bank accounts, pay your bills, and keep up-to-date with your loan payments, Wells Fargo online banking offers customers something even more important: convenience.

    That’s because when you choose to go the Wells Fargo online banking route, you no longer have to spend your lunch hour doing your banking. You can sit right at your desk or anywhere yo...
    580 ViewsNew Foreign Markets Open Up For Credit Card Companies  By :
    Credit card issuers are seeing increases in credit card applications due to stronger foreign markets. In Mexico, the economy is recovering due to outsourced technology firms and manufacturing companies. Credit card solicitors are targeting the new Mexican middle class with low interest credit cards.

    According to an article By Marla Dickerson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

    August 11, 2007, ‘over 22 million credit cards are in circulation in Mexico. Total consumer credit...
    578 ViewsPayday loan – fast help for your finance  By : Ronald Knight
    Payday loans. All off as like good chances in our life, but nobody like bad chances: disease, immediate repair. Very often we have no cash to solve this unplanned problems. Payday loan – is a help in such uncontemplated life situations.
    577 ViewsBold Insights On The Euro's Performance In The Forex Markets  By : Joseph Plazo
    " A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner!"
    - Quote by an Addicted forex Trader

    The forex, also designated the foreign trade market is the largest and greatest liquid exchange market in the planet. Unlike the stock exchange, the forex does not suffer a specified trading location or termination period. Instead, over $2 trillion are traded and sold every day. The forex never closes and exchange takes place twenty-four hours a day along the business week.

    There are cur...
    577 ViewsEscaping from the debt trap  By : Kev Wilson
    Is the spectre of debt getting you down? Do you assume that making right your obligations appears overly impractical? Are you commencing to contemplate on filing for bankruptcy? You may change your mind if some one or somebody will notify you that there is another efficient system to get away from the quagmire of debt.
    573 ViewsMoney Management 101  By :
    Whether you are in a deep financial hole or would like to get the most out of your money there are some things that you should know to accomplish these goals. Money management can help educate you on the inner workings of money, help you avoid the many financial pitfalls that exist and show you how to make money work hard for you. If you would like to get out of a difficult financial situation and achieve financial serenity, here are some money management tips that are extr...
    569 ViewsThe Other Text Link  By : Deanna Mascle
    Most people overlook one very easy and inexpensive way to achieve one-way, often permanent, text links from quality sites. What is this method of text linking? It is usually called Ezine Advertising!
    565 ViewsForex Verse Commodities  By : juicejohn
    Forex the advantage over commodities
    563 ViewsAvoid Foreclosure- Get Your Finances In Order  By :
    Foreclosure is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a family financially. Foreclosure is a forced sale of property (your home) due to the fact that you no longer have the resources to pay for it. Foreclosure has affected millions of people in the last few years and this phenomenon hasn’t seemed to slow down. If you are looking to buy a home or already have a mortgage and would like to avoid foreclosure, one of the most beneficial strategies you can use is to...
    562 ViewsTypes of Mortgages  By : Robert Thomson
    A mortgage is a loan that must be taken out by all homebuyers. The mortgage is provided by a bank or other lending institution and gives the homebuyer the money needed to purchase the home.
    561 ViewsHow You Can Become A Millionaire Via Your Hobby  By : Charles Goodwin
    Greetings! I have been preaching my wealth creation principles for many years now from the "pulpit" of the Internet and consider it a high honor that I have been able to assist so many of you to commence upon this exciting path of wealth creation, freedom and abundance.

    Please accept this one fact – a fact that I am totally and utterly certain of – becoming a millionaire via my wealth creation principles is within the easy grasp of just about everyone one in the western wo...
    560 ViewsBusiness Credit Cards: A Valuable Source Of Funding  By :
    One of the keys to business success lies in sufficient capital: you need it to get through the fluctuating times of your small business. Business credit cards can help smooth over your financial needs. A recent survey showed that 90% of small business owners use a business credit card. Here are just a few of the many ways a business credit card can help you manage your finances.

    Access to Funding
    Finding sources of funding can be a challenge when starting a new business....
    558 ViewsWhy Sports Cars Cost More To Insure  By : Joseph Kenny
    Have you ever wondered why sports cars cost more to insure than other types of car – even when the purchase price of the sports car is less expensive? If so, the following are the main reasons why this is the case.

    Car Insurance Group Categories

    While many of the factors that determine the make-up of car insurance quotes are not known, what is known is that insurance companies ‘group’ certain types of cars into categories. For this purposes, insurance companies have gro...
    558 ViewsWays To Increase Your Credit Score  By :
    Your credit report and credit score can serve you to evaluate your creditworthiness. There are several strong points that may bring about a weak credit score to be assessed by the top credit bureaus - too several debts or outstanding bills, bankruptcy, below par credit to debt relationship, not paying taxes, nonexistent loan payments and contradictory reports to collection agencies from a retailers.

    The greatest step to improve your credit score is to analyze the sources t...
    557 ViewsMortgage Lenders – Your Options  By : Joseph Kenny
    Finding your dream home is usually the simplest part of the house buying process! Once you see somewhere you want to put in an offer for, you’ll want to move fast. It helps, therefore, to have your mortgage sorted before you find somewhere you want to buy.

    You can choose a lender and mortgage, apply for the loan and get your mortgage ‘approved on principle’ before you even start looking for a house. This means that you know what your budget will be and can be fairly certai...
    556 Views7 Important Benefits of Preparing Your Personal/Home Budget Using a Spreadsheet  By : B. Hokin
    Have you ever wished to make a start on setting up a home budget but were not sure how to start? Couldn't work out how to do the calculations and were not sure whether the answer would be correct? No more reason to stall. Use a pre-formatted spreadsheet that you only have to enter your financial income and expenses into. There are many of these available on the Internet. Ready to look at the benefits? Let’s go.
    555 ViewsEmployee Stock Options: What You Need To Know  By :
    Stock options are the most well-known form of long-term compensation motivations for executives in leading companies. Because of this, stock options are currently being provided to a lot of employees in many companies. Here are some things you need to know about stock options.

    1) Stock options are appropriate for: small companies where growth is anticipated, and publicly-owned companies that want to provide company ownership to its employees.

    2) Stock options are still...
    553 ViewsProblem Remortgage  By :
    Remortgage in simple terms means the subsequent mortgage of an asset to get a further loan, or when the asset changes hands as a collateral to get a further loan it can be termed as remortgage. This mainly takes place when a borrower is dissatisfied with the mortgager or has difficulty in making the payments. Remortgage is done to meet cash needs, to reduce costs of interest, to decrease the amount of monthly installments, to reduce the period of the loans , to meet expenses ...
    552 ViewsCoping With The Cost Of Mortgage Payment Protection Cover  By :
    The main reason that is cited as to why most homeowners do not have any mortgage payment protection cover in force is that it is too expensive and they cannot afford to make the premiums and live comfortably. However, this reason is often cited before individuals look into mortgage payment protection cover in any depth. They hear the price and say ‘no’ before finding out what mortgage payment protection cover actually is.

    Alternatively, many individuals state that the cove...
    552 ViewsMany Ways To Find Perfect Debt Consolidation Options  By : Robert Thomson
    Many instances will arise when an individual will have several financial troubles and it may seem as if they cannot solve it.
    549 ViewsSome Lessons From Warren Buffett's Annual Letter  By : Geoff Gannon
    Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders was released over the weekend. Readers will find plenty of investing lessons among the twenty-three pages. Warren began this letter as he begins each letter, by stating Berkshire’s change in per-share book value:

    "Our gain in net worth during 2005 was $5.6 billion, which increased the per-share book value of both our Class A and Class B stock by 6.4%. Over the last 41 years, (that is, since present managemen...
    549 ViewsHow To Find Effective Offshore Banking With Good Security.  By :
    You can find internet sites offering to help you get a private offshore account, but choose carefully; some have established 'real-world' businesses behind them, and some are no more than a few web pages and a couple of guys in a back room.

    Private offshore accounts are usually for high-net-worth individuals; you should have at least $100,000 to deposit. Then you will be welcomed with open arms, after the necessary due-diligence has been carried out.

    Due diligence means...
    544 ViewsAffordable Family And Individual Health Insurance  By : Greg Haehl
    If you don’t already have any type of health insurance plan, or know someone who does and who can refer you to a great health insurance company, the quickest way to get a quote is to probably search for one on the Internet.

    When you search for affordable family and individual health insurance on the Internet, you’ll to be required to answer several questions before you can get your family and individual health insurance quote. Those questions include, but are not limited t...
    541 ViewsTips On Adjusting Your Credit Limit  By : Peter Kenny
    Using credit cards effectively often depends on the level of credit that you have, and how you spend that credit. There are times when you might need to increase your credit limit, and times when you might need to reduce it. If you are unsure about how to adjust your credit limit to suit your needs, then follow this simple advice in order to know when to adjust your credit limits.

    What are your current limits?

    Before knowing whether you should adjust your credit limit, ...
    540 ViewsTraveling With Credit Cards: What You Need To Know  By :
    As you make travel plans this summer, be sure to pack the plastic. Credit cards are a convenient tool to finance your trip. To make the most of them, it’s best to keep a few factors in mind. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

    Plan Ahead
    As you prepare for the trip, take a look at the credit cards you have. If you plan to travel abroad, consider carrying cards that are widely accepted, such as Visa or MasterCard. Taking along two credit cards is wise; this way, i...
    Stock options are a misunderstood investment tool but once understood by both traders and investors it can be a very versatile investment tool. However, as a consequence of their versatility, options are often viewed as to complex for the beginning option trader to utilize effectively. In order to avoid common mistakes of the beginning traders or investors it's important to understand a few basic concepts like types of options offered, leverage, risk control, time, and strike prices.
    530 ViewsMaking Sense Of The Terms And Conditions Of Redundancy Insurance  By :
    Redundancy insurance is undoubtedly one of the least known insurance products out there. It is designed to help people who have lost their job as a result of their employer relocating, going out of business, cutting costs and thus staff, and even selling out to a larger company. However, judging by the amount of individuals being made redundant at the moment, redundancy insurance may well be one of the most valuable insurance products around because very few individuals have ...
    520 ViewsNo Faxing Cash Advance Loans – Instant Approval With No Faxing Required  By : Carrie Reeder
    Cash advance personal loans offer easy loans to individuals who need extra cash for an emergency. Many people are hesitant to use a cash advance lender. Fear of high cash advance fees or shame may prevent many from applying. However, cash advance companies provide a valuable service. Furthermore, these loans are ideal for all income levels.

    Types of Payday Loan Companies

    Payday loan companies have basic requirements for getting approved for a quick loan. Applicants have...
    519 ViewsMortgage Companies - Prime Lenders Vs Sub Prime Lenders  By : Carrie Reeder
    For the best rates and fees, look to a prime lender to give you top financing due to your excellent credit score. For those with poor credit, turn to a sub prime lender for reasonable rates on mortgage loans. You will also find more flexibility with a sub prime in drawing up terms and conditions in your loan contract.

    When Prime Lenders Are Best

    If you have an excellent credit score and a solid financial base, look to a prime lender to get you the market rates and fees....
    514 ViewsDebt Consolidation Loans: Are They Really As Good As They Claim?  By : Linden J. Walhard
    There is a darker side to the debt consolidation loan programs. If you are already in debt and are barely able to manage your finances, you should think real hard before going in for a debt consolidation program. As a consumer you should know that these debt consolidation companies make lots of promises while offering to reduce and even clear your existing debts. They claim to reduce your interest rate and penalties. However not all of their promises hold true.

    These loan...
    512 ViewsImprove Credit Score - 3 Tips For Raising A Low Credit Score  By : Carrie Reeder
    Raising your credit score does not involve a lot a work. However, there must be a willingness on your part to use credit responsibly. A low credit score makes its more challenging to obtain a credit card or get prime rates on a home or auto loan. On the other hand, a high credit score presents many finance options.

    Check Credit Reports for Accuracy

    Credit report errors are very common. It’s recommended that all consumers examine their reports twice yearly. This way, if ...
    512 ViewsMortgages And Home Financial Planning  By : Joseph Kenny
    Buying a property is likely to be the largest purchase you ever make – finding the right deal for you means choosing one mortgage from the many hundreds available. This will be much easier if you know what you’re looking for.

    What’s Your Status?

    Depending your life situation, age, income and financial status, you will need different things from your mortgage. Whether that’s flexibility, low rates or security, take the time to have a good look at where you are now, and w...
    511 ViewsJuggling Retirement And College Savings  By : Kristine McKinley
    Most parents want to pay for their children’s college education, or at the very least help pay for college. While it would be great for your children to be able to start like after college without student loans to pay off, the cost to parents may be too high.

    The average annual cost of a 4-year public college is $12,127 (source: The College Board’s Annual Survey of Colleges, 2005-2006), with 4-year private schools averaging $29,026 a year. College costs have been outpacin...
    511 ViewsWhile Opting For Home Equity Loans, One Must Be Aware Of Scams  By : Robert Thomson
    A home equity loan is based on the equity of the home, and will also be calculated accordingly by the lending institutions to the borrowers.
    510 ViewsHow A Reverse Mortgage Works  By : Brad Stroh
    Ever wonder how a reverse mortgage works? For folks that have lived in their home for a long time, they may very well be sitting on a gold mine. Home prices have increased greatly over the last thirty years, and nationally have nearly doubled in value over the last ten years. This has left a great many homeowners with valuable equity in their homes and many different options to access that equity, home equity loans and mortgage refinances being the most common. For older Amer...
    499 ViewsAre You Credit Worthy?  By : Paul Babs
    Having good credit is essential in today’s world. Acceptable credit will generally get you what you want, but bad credit can be the kiss of death. If you want a house, you need a mortgage. If you want a car, you’re likely going to take out a loan. Anytime you apply for credit, the lender is going to pull your credit report to determine whether or not you are a good credit risk. Not everyone is a good credit risk—but there is something you can do to make sure you become one.
    499 ViewsReal Estate Investing Advice: 6 Timeless Strategies For The Property Investor  By : Joel Teo
    Real estate investment offers positive cash flow and tax benefits. However, much like any other investment niche, real estate is dependent on intricate market trends that must not be overlooked, lest the investor may suffer a significant loss.

    Surprisingly, several newbie investors are willing to part with their hard earned money, without carrying out a preliminary research of their investment. Instead of relying on a meticulous analysis, they bank on intuitions and tradit...
    498 ViewsHow To Start Forex Trading  By : Milton Ziegler
    If you're looking for a smart, new way of investing your money, look no further than FOREX! Many individuals have turned to FOREX to replace their stock activities and to supplement their
    income. When done correctly, you can see a big return on your investment.

    What is FOREX?
    FOREX is short for foreign exchange. The best way to understand FOREX is to think of it as buying and selling money. This is done through the international foreign exchange market.

    487 ViewsUnderstanding The Basic Concepts Of Debt  By : Hazel Leong
    Remember: Running away from your creditors is not the answer. It is not a solution, and may in fact lead you to bigger problems. If you are having trouble paying off your debts, address this immediately with your creditors.

    By accelerating the payment structure on your loan, the life of the loan is reduced:

    In a normal 30 year fixed rate loan situation, your monthly payment is applied towards principle and interest. It is amortized over the course of 30 years.

    In nat...
    484 ViewsHow To Get A Good Instant Approval Credit Card  By : Joseph Kenny
    When it comes time to get another credit card, you now have the option of being able to get it very quickly. Applying for a credit card could not be made any easier - or faster. Generally, you will know in just a matter of minutes whether or not you are approved. With it being so easy, however, you may want to take a few minutes to find out and make sure it is a good deal. Here are some things to look for when it comes to making sure it is the great deal you want to think it ...
    483 ViewsWhy You Should Take Advantage Of Student Loan Debt Consolidation  By : Mark Woodcock
    You went to college, and you have your degree. And now that you have a job, you are making your own money, which means you have your own bills to pay. College probably wasn't free, and it certainly wasn't cheap. You probably had to take out several student loans in order to pay for your tuition, books, even your living expenses. So now that you have graduated, you are faced with the prospect of paying back several loans at a time. This can be quite overwhelming. It can be dif...
    483 ViewsRetirees Should Use Stocks For Retirement Income  By : Larry Klein
    An issue that plagues many retirees is how to manage retirement income in the face of the increasing cost of living. Even with moderate inflation, costs of living tend to increase over time. This can reduce the retirement income retirees can obtain from fixed income investments, even while they must meet higher expenses. Where can you find a source of retirement income that can keep of with inflation, along with your expenses?

    Our suggestion: consider putting some of your ...
    479 ViewsPermanent Or Term Insurances?  By : Jim Thio
    There are many insurance companies in the world giving their life insurance quote.

    It's pretty difficult to pick which one is the best. What should you do? One strategy that'll work is to keep switching insurance companies. Any company will make more money by selling to people who are more price sensitive.

    A person needing an insurance may be willing to pay high. A person who keeps switching insurance shows that he is price sensitive and hence, he will get a lower pric...
    478 ViewsDisability Insurance: How To Choose The Best Policy  By : Ashish Jain
    Disability Insurance is a simple insurance cover that makes sure that when you are unable to work due to disability you are not affected by huge financial losses. There are a number of companies offering these insurance cover. It is, thus, pertinent that you shop around a little and find if you are getting the best deal, which means best coverage for as little as possible.

    Broadly, there are two kinds of disabilty insurance- short term and long term. In case of short term ...
    475 ViewsAffordable Health Care Supplemental Insurance For Seniors  By : Greg Haehl
    By the time seniors are considered “seniors,” they usually have a nice little retirement nest as well as health and life insurance policies to fall back on. Maybe they are widows or widowers who have pension plans from their deceased spouses. Of course, this is the idea situation for the senior.

    Many seniors in American do not have enough health care insurance to adequately cover their medical needs and prescription drug medications. This is where health care supplemental ...
    471 ViewsBuilding Wealth With A Self Directed Ira As Simple As 123  By : Robert Hubbard
    Over the next 15 years, “baby boomers” will be looking for places to invest about $46 trillion from a combination of inheritance and their own qualified retirement plans, such as a 401k from a former employer.

    Every major brokerage house and bank in America is well aware of the potential to earn enormous incomes from fees and commissions “helping” to place this money in secure investments. But, individuals who understand the power of utilizing Self Directed IRAs are in the...
    467 ViewsAffordable Child Health Insurance In San Antonio Texas  By : Greg Haehl
    Finding affordable health insurance is no easy task unless you are employed by a business that offers a health benefits package. Unfortunately, not everyone works, or works for an employer who offers a group health insurance plan to his or her employees. If you or your spouse doesn’t have affordable health insurance in San Antonio, Texas, how is your child supposed to obtain affordable child health insurance? Imagine trying to find affordable child health insurance for your c...
    465 ViewsBankruptcy Lawyer: Your Final Solution When Running Out Of Options  By : Robert Thatcher
    Before rushing to a lawyer to assist you in filing for bankruptcy, you have to make sure what is bankruptcy and what is not. Only then will you have to find a bankruptcy lawyer that you can work with in filing your case. Many people rush to file for bankruptcy thinking that it will solve their financial problems. The opposite is often true.

    Declaring your business to be legally bankrupt, only mean that you have done everything you could and there is no way for recovery. I...
    463 ViewsAdverse Credit Mortgages - Getting Approved With A Low Credit Score  By : Carrie Reeder
    Having good credit affords more home loan options. Luckily, many mortgage lenders understand that bad credit happens, thus many are willing to offer home loans to people with low credit scores. Of course, the best way to improve your odds of getting a low rate is to boost credit rating. Still, it is possible to get approved with poor credit. Here are a few tips to consider when applying for an adverse credit mortgage.

    Expect a Higher Mortgage Rate

    Although many lenders ...
    463 ViewsRefinance After Bankruptcy – Bad Credit Refi Lenders  By : Carrie Reeder
    Refinancing your home mortgage following a bankruptcy may put extra cash in your pocket to help finance large home improvement projects and lower your monthly mortgage payments. On the other hand, the bankruptcy may ruin any chances of securing a low rate. In this instance, a refinancing would be pointless. Before refinancing, contact several refi lenders and learn about your options.

    Practical Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage Loan

    Mortgage refinancing serves many purpos...
    460 ViewsAffordable Low Rate Health Insurance  By : Elizabeth Newberry
    The easiest way to obtain affordable, low cost health insurance is to purchase a low cost health insurance plan through your employer. These health insurance plans are usually Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and – even better news- purchasing a low cost health insurance plan through your employer usually means that your monthly premiums are deducted from your paycheck, much like taxes are. If you’re lucky, you won’t even mis...
    458 ViewsCredit Counseling For The Worried Debtor  By : Antonio Silver
    Although you try your best to keep our finances under control and pay our bills on time, there are times when you find yourself in unmanageable debt. If you're experiencing slow or no payments on your credit cards, student loans, or car payments, credit counseling might be the answer you're
    looking for.

    A credit counseling agency can help by finding ways to reduce and manage your debt. They do this by contacting each of your creditors to negotiate new repayment terms. Cre...
    446 ViewsCongress Enacts New Laws Making Iras Better Than Ever!  By : Mark J. Orr, CFP
    Have you heard of the "non-deductible" IRA? I'm not referring to the ROTH IRA, but a traditional IRA that many people are stuck with as their only option (for various reasons that make investing in other types of IRAs unavailable).

    In those cases, the IRS allows you to contribute to a traditional IRA, but NOT take a tax deduction for it.

    You still get tax-deferred growth, but during retirement your earnings (interest and capital gains) will be taxed, but not the contrib...
    443 ViewsSecured Debt Consolidation: Best Way Out Of A Debt Crisis  By : Linden J. Walhard
    The process of debt consolidation involves combining two or more existing loans in a single loan and paying off for it. The debt consolidation process might or might not require staking collateral. Collateral can be anything from a piece of property to any asset of considerable worth. The higher the value of collateral, the lower the rate of interest you can expect on your debt consolidation loan. Unsecured loans are those that do not require collateral whereas secured loans ...
    442 ViewsCredit Card Debt: Do You Need Credit Help?  By : Deanna Mascle -
    If you have credit card debt it is important to take its measure from time-to-time to determine whether or not you have a problem with your debt. If you are carrying a balance on more than one card (or simply a sizable balance on one card) then you could have a problem.

    There are five reasons why you should seek credit help to deal with your credit card debt.

    The biggest reason is that credit card debt can affect your credit score which in turn impacts your ability to b...
    442 ViewsGet A Low Rate Car Insurance Quote For Free!  By : Elizabeth Newberry
    If you are looking for a cheap car insurance quote for free, you are in luck! Most insurance companies that offer car insurance usually always offer car insurance quotes for free. So, the trick is not getting the cheap car insurance quote for free – the trick is getting the cheap car insurance quote!

    Many times your car insurance quote is based on your answers to a series of questions the car insurance company will ask you. Most car insurance companies will want to know in...
    442 ViewsQualifying For A Bad Credit Mortgage - An Inside Look  By : Shelby Ryan
    Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially raises one man above another - Joseph Addison

    There is little doubt that purchasing a new home is one the biggest financial decision most people face but finding the right house that you can call home is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

    Step one in the home ownership process is getting pre-qualified for a loan. When you get pre-qualified for a loan the lender works backwards to determine the...
    439 ViewsAll About Your FICO Score  By : Brad Stroh
    When it comes to credit, your FICO score is what counts. If you’re new to the credit or home buying game, FICO is probably a very mysterious and confusing word. You probably already know it has something to do with credit; but do you know exactly what your FICO score is and means? If not, read on.

    To put it bluntly, your FICO score is a number that determines the interest rate you’ll get on a loan. You can find it at It is a predictive measure used by ...
    437 ViewsIF THE BANKS DO IT - WHY DON'T YOU  By : Gordon McAlpine
    Foreign currency trading is such a lucrative and easy to understand market that many who used to trade stocks, bonds, commodities and futures have switched to trading nothing but FOREX. Even Bill Gates and the world renowned trader Warren Buffet now trade currencies as part of their overall strategies. If they are doing it shouldn’t we follow them, after all isn’t it true that to become wealthy or successful you have to do what wealthy and successful people do.
    430 ViewsRemortgage - Isn't It Time You Got A Better Deal?  By : Joseph Kenny
    If you have had your mortgage for some time, then it could be a good idea to get it out and look at it real good. Why? Simply because you may be able to get a much better deal. With interest rates changing every day, new loan options, and increasing equity on your house, means that many factors may now mean that you could reduce your mortgage payments each month, or more. Here is how you can determine if a better deal is possible for you.

    Decide On Future Plans

    429 ViewsLubricants For The Modern Woman  By : unsecuredloan
    Natural lubricant is produced from the glands that surround the vagina, but in the modern age, as women are becoming more sexually expressive the use of artificial lubricants has become popular.
    420 ViewsAsset Allocation & Your Investment Plan - A Blueprint For Wealth  By : Tuks Engineer
    Many of the wealthiest people in the world owe their fortunes to different types of residual income – from stocks and bonds to investment trusts, real estate, commodities and more. In this chapter we’re going to discuss the importance of asset allocation – how you spread your assets into different types of products (from safe to speculative).

    When we talk about asset allocation we refer to the various vehicles in which we invest our cash. We can split our assets into three...
    411 ViewsThe Ins And Outs Of Paydayloans  By : Doug Petrie
    Paydayloans are becoming increasingly popular as consumers search for ways to get their money in their pockets faster. Other names commonly used to refer to paydayloans include cash advance loans, post-dated check loans, check advance loans, and deferred deposit check loans. No matter what you call it, paydayloans are simply short-term loans of small amounts that are generally accompanied by high fees. For those who need the money now, however, these fees are often an accepta...
    403 ViewsHow You Can Save On Auto Insurance  By :
    Auto Insurance may seem like an utility bill. There are though fine nuances that can be tweaked to lower the insurance cost - read and find out how.
    400 ViewsLearning Forex Trading the Right Way  By : Doug Gray
    Just barely over one year ago I had never heard of the forex markets. Now I am spending a few hours a week and making incredible profits and loving every minute of it. I also spend time getting other people successfully started.
    400 ViewsCounty Court Judgements Explained  By : Nicholas Hunt
    County Court Judgements or CCJs will have a serious impact on your credit rating, making it more difficult to obtain finance. What are CCJs, and can you do anything about them?
    390 ViewsAsset Protection - Why Do You Need It?  By : Susan Chen
    By the time people reach their forties, many have a growing family and responsibilities. Many already own a house and quite a few other valuable assets. This is the phase of life where they focus on their career in order to provide for their families, and to pay for the bills and mortgages etc. They also focus more on investments for better financial security for their family and a comfortable nest egg.

    With your growing financial portfolio and asset, it is imperative that...
    388 ViewsHoliday Spending Tips - Ten Ways To Keep From Having A Holiday Spending Hangover  By : Kristine McKinley
    Ah the holidays… a time for parties, over eating, and over spending. Americans routinely overspend during the holidays, often resulting in increasing credit card debt to go along with that increasing waistline from too much pumpkin pie.

    The holidays are stressful enough. Don’t add to that stress by overspending your holiday budget. Here are ten tips to help you save time, money and stress this shopping season:

    1. Make a list. Decide how much you can afford to spend this...
    384 ViewsHyperdrive Your Way to Financial Freedom  By : Jim McCabe
    A sensible system is introduced for allowing you to get on your road to financial freedom, and to successfully complete your journey.
    380 ViewsWhat Is Gap Insurance?  By : Geoff Spencer
    Before a person decided to purchase a new vehicle, they need to check with their insurance company about gap insurance because it might already be included in the auto premium. If is not, this will be something that you can purchase for a decent cost.

    There are some insurers that do not offer this type of insurance at all. If this is the case, you should try to find a company that offers gap insurance before you decide to purchase it through the dealer.

    Gap insurance is...
    378 ViewsGet Smart About Business Credit Cards: Tips From A Pro  By : C.G. Parker
    The first thrill about starting a new enterprise is seeing the name of your creation on a business card. You want to hand them out to everyone you see — friends, family, the kid who bags your groceries. Soon after you’ve registered your trade name, the credit card offers start cluttering your mailbox. It’s flattering at first. You imagine going out to dinner, grabbing the check, and saying, “it’s okay, it’s on the company.” So you fill out one or two “pre-approved” applicatio...
    368 ViewsIf Your Company Has a 401K Plan, Join It Today  By : Eric Bayne
    One of the great safety net in modern times is the Social Security system. It's a fantastic retirement income system that has enabled many retirees to live out their golden years in a dignified manner. But Social Security was never meant to be the sole source of income for retirees. It was only meant to be a supplementary income source.
    362 ViewsWhat Should Your Homeowners Insurance Cover?  By : Brandon Miller
    There are many things to consider when purchasing your home insurance, here are a few things to look for when finding the right policy.

    Home Owners Liability Coverage

    Liability insurance is very important to a homeowner's coverage because it helps protect the owner and the family from financial disaster if someone files a claim against the homeowner's policy, sues the homeowner or if the courts hold the homeowner legally responsible for someone else's injury or property...
    355 ViewsFinding The Best Cash Back Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts
    Cash back credit cards provide fantastic opportunities for those that carry them. For every purchase a cardholder makes with one of these cards, money rebates are earned. This makes cash back cards potentially profitable for those that take the time to choose the best cash back credit cards and who use them properly. When looking for the best cash back credit cards, it is important to take several things under consideration.

    One area to consider when searching for the best...
    355 ViewsWhole Life Insurance  By : Gary Tallon
    Whole life insurance is a premier life insurance product offered by a number of life companies. Its basic premise is that a lump sum payment is guaranteed upon death of the insured life, regardless of what age death occurs at. This means that unlike term life insurance where a lump sum payment upon death is only guaranteed to a certain age, whole life policies can be relied upon to make a lump sum payment that is free from any age restrictions. What's more, whole life policie...
    353 ViewsRecommendations On How to Seek Out and Submit an Application To Get a Job Opportunity in the Sports Industry.  By : Barty Schneider
    Working in the sports industry can be hugely rewarding - make sure you stand the maximum chance of securing your dream role by following these practical tips.
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