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  • Ten Suggestions when Purchasing Or Selling Real Estate  By :
    With interest rates at an all-time low and houses at rock bottom costs now will be the excellent time for 1st time residence purchasers or house investment. Whether you're a buyer, seller or both, check out these 10 suggestions for dealing in the real estate market successfully.
  • Take Help Of Short sale Scholars To Avoid Foreclosure  By : Alice pizae
    Foreclosure is something which nobody wants to face in their entire life and listing in Flat Fee MLS as Short sales is the best option to go with. There has been more than estimated cases of Foreclosure in US and most of the cases have been efficiently handled by Short sale brokers.
  • Important Questions to Ask Before Starting the Short Sale of Your Home  By : Ethan Walker
    In today’s market, with home prices substantially lower than during the housing “boom”, you may find yourself in the position of having to sell your home, yet owing more to your lender than you can get for the house on the open market.
  • How to Make Money By investment in Real Estate!  By : StacyHolder
    Purchasing an apartment complex as an investment is a fantastic way to watch an asset single handedly generate thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time!
  • Top 10 Short Sale Myths Exposed  By : Rich Griffiths
    Find out the top 10 myths and misconceptions about short sales in today's real estate market.
  • Considering the Value of Recreational Land  By : Hayden Antonio
    Whether you have found recreational land for sale through a realtor, a newspaper, the internet or word of mouth, you need to be sure to get all of the facts before making a purchase. More than just area, size and price, you’ll need to know more specifics about the land you’re considering for purchase. Maps and air photographs can be very informational. Different information can be obtained from different types of maps.
  • 5 Top Misunderstood Real Estate Investment Terms Worth Knowing  By : jrk
    Discover the definitions of five real estate investment terms certainly worth knowing but generally misunderstood by real estate agents and investors involved with real estate investing.
  • Why Selling Rental Property is Easier than Real Estate Agents Think  By : jrk
    Discover what it takes for a real estate agent to prepare for opportunities to work with and sell rental property. You might be surprised to learn that it's easier than you think.
  • How An Equity Release Calculator Can Help You  By : Kevin Stelfox
    Many senior citizens opt for equity release schemes to encash a part of their equity on their property. This can be a wise decision in more ways than one; however most home owners aren’t aware of the nitty-gritty of how a financial institution works, and how their equity is calculated. Financial institutions offer customers an equity release calculator, which can help them find out the releasable equity on their property and then decide if it is financially viable for them to go for an equity re
  • How To Choose Real Estate Investment Course Information For You  By : Brad Wozny
    Who else wants to become a multi-millionaire in 3 years by investing in real estate...even without your cash or credit?
  • Why Are U.S. Real Estate Sales up 4.1% Despite Expert Predictions?  By : Brad Wozny
    Both Real Estate Investors, Realtors, Hopeful Investors, and Homeowners alike have been watching the news like hawks these past few months.
  • Foreclosure Listings Know The Details  By : Bill Dufrane
    If you have access to forclosure listings in your area, you can take advantage of a really great way to pick up some inexpensive real estate. Even though foreclosure listings are nothing more than a list of properties that are available, they will go a long way in ensuring that you are successful in this industry. If you want to get your hands on foreclosure listings, read on and find out how.

    1. Sometimes, you can find local foreclosure listings in your area by using the ...
  • Foreclosed Properties Not Just For Investors  By : Adam Masterson
    The biggest draw for a foreclosed property is the price usually, it is up to 50% off the market value. This is a great way to find a new home, and you will more than likely be able to find exactly what you are looking for. But while you are at it, why not look into foreclosed properties as well? Like the old saying goes, it never hurts to look. This is a great choice for home owners especially if they are looking to own their very first home.

    1. Bidding On Foreclosed Prope...
  • Real Estate in Chicago  By : Paul Gorney
    Real Estate in Chicago is moving well. The market it booming with new condo conversions and new condo buildings being built at an amazing rate. When you buy a home in Chicago you have many choices. It is challenging to figure out what is a good investment.
  • Begineer's Guide To Amortization  By : Ricky Lim
    Most of us have done it at a point or another during our lives however most of us do not know that the term is called amortization. Amortization in its simplest term means paying off your loan over a period of time. Amortization is pretty general and does not just relate to home loan or mortgages. It can be used to refer to your car loan, credit card bills etc.

    The process of amortization is usually determining how much you need to pay for each payment over a set period of...
  • Foreclosures Can Mean A New Source For Profits  By : Mathew Smith
    If you are an investor, you may already know that real estate offers many exciting areas for revenue and profits, but unless you are considering foreclosure properties as well, you may not be getting the most for your property dollar.
  • Pre-Construction Tips for Cape Coral, Florida Real Estate  By : Brad Wozny
    Cape Coral, Florida real estate continues to climb. Cape Coral itself sees continued migration from boomers and 30-somethings coming from across the States. Pre-construction real estate in Cape Coral is the "new thing". But some Cape Coral builder contracts have forced customers into foreclosure. And some Cape Coral, Florida builders will take as much as four years to build your home.
  • Breaking Story! Land FOR SALE By Owner: Why is America's Best Kept Secret West Virginia Real Estate?  By : Brad Wozny
    Buyers seeking Land for sale by owner and West Virginia real estate is growing in popularity. But Land for sale by owner of West Virginia real estate is actually growing scarce. Why? Two words: ‘mountain estates’. West Virginia real estate attracts out of state baby boomers buying land for sale by owner that offers peace, quiet, and year-round recreation. A perfect spot to build that dream home in the mountains.
  • Real Estate Investing Advice: 6 Timeless Strategies For The Property Investor  By : Joel Teo
    Real estate investment offers positive cash flow and tax benefits. However, much like any other investment niche, real estate is dependent on intricate market trends that must not be overlooked, lest the investor may suffer a significant loss.

    Surprisingly, several newbie investors are willing to part with their hard earned money, without carrying out a preliminary research of their investment. Instead of relying on a meticulous analysis, they bank on intuitions and tradit...
  • Investing In Real Estate: The ABCs Of Property Investment  By : Joel Teo
    Investing in real estate is a highly lucrative venture that has helped scads of people to rake in loads of money. Though the profession may seem delectably easy, it’s certainly not for everyone. Real estate business also fosters several unscrupulous swindlers who make their living by duping newbie investors. Therefore, fresh entrants into the field of real estate must learn how to discern a genuine opportunity from a fake one.

    Investing in real estate involves an awful lot...
  • No Down Payment Mortgage Loan - Ways To Buy A Home With Zero Down  By : Carrie Reeder
    If you want to buy a new home, but have little money in the bank, there are ways to get approved for a home with no money down. New homebuyers have a multitude of mortgage options available to them. These options make buying a home with little out-of-pocket expense more attainable.

    Understanding Traditional Mortgage Loans

    Prior to the flood of new mortgage loans, buying a home required waiting until you had the ideal circumstances. This usually meant saving enough money...
  • Hip’s – The Full Story  By : Adrian Taylor
    Home owners will soon have just three months to sell their homes or be forced to re-issue the seller’s information pack at an estimated cost of £1000 for the average semi-detached home. This would be in addition to the original £1000 paid out for the original sales pack.

    Much has been written about the Home Information Packs (HIP’s). Here we aim to examine the final details, just released.

    From June 2007 it will be compulsory for all sellers to produce a dossier contain...
  • A Quick Guide To A Quick House Sale  By : Freedom Property
    Need to sell your house quickly? Put off by the thought of estate agents and viewers tramping through your home? Follow this quick guide to selling your home fast.

    There is an alternative to the traditional route when it comes to selling your home. You can use one of the many specialist companies that offer to buy your house so that you’re not at the mercy of a chain, or paying huge fees to agents and solicitors. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Decide how quic...
  • Make A Quick Sale To Avoid Repossession  By : Freedom Property
    Repossession is a spectre that haunts many homeowners and once your home has been repossessed, you are unlikely to be able to get a mortgage again and so lose all chance of owning your own home in the future.

    It is possible to avoid repossession. There are ways of stopping the process at every stage, but if it gets as far as a court summons, you can still sell your property to pay off your mortgage before you’re ordered to give it up.

    Selling your home, as most of us kn...
  • How To Avoid Negative Equity In Real Estate Investment Financing  By : Joel Teo
    Real Estate Investment Financing is simply industry jargon for a real estate investment loan. In a bad property market where rental yields are low, the most dreaded word that you can say to a real estate investor is negative equity. So what is negative equity? It is a situation which arises when the foreclosed value of your property is less than the price that you paid for it and in certain states like in New York, the mortgagee (the bank) can then bring a deficiency action a...
  • Having Equity In Your Home  By : Robert Michael
    If you are a homeowner then you should make building equity in your home one of your number one priorities. The reason for this is that equity in your home is like having cash in your bank account because you are able to borrow against it for a variety of different purposes. Also, when you build equity in your home it means you are that many dollars closer to owning your home outright. There are quite a few things you can do in order to build equity in your home that include ...
  • Why Land Beats Stocks And Shares  By : Strategic Land Investments
    As small investors look for ways to ensure a good return on their money, land sales are increasing in popularity. Profits, whilst not guaranteed, are often better than those from the stock market, for several reasons:

    Less risk, more profit

    Whilst some investors have a significant investment in the stock market, often with a comprehensive, well-managed portfolio, for most smaller investors, their experience of the market is limited to one or two companies and they are t...
  • Make More Money From Land  By : Strategic Land Investments
    Land investment is increasing in popularity as it becomes more affordable for individual investors. The realisation that large areas of land are likely to be granted permission for housing developments in the future has encouraged people to add land to their investment portfolio.

    How can you make money from land?

    Whilst nothing is guaranteed, carefully chosen land can be an excellent investment. Here’s how it works for private investors:

    • An investment company resea...
  • House Price Rises – A Cautionary Tale  By : Michael Challiner
    In general, property prices appear to be rising. Between January and May 2006, the uplift in house prices across the United Kingdom averaged 4.4%. In the event that this trend continues, then the yearly rise will be 13%. This will put the average house price at almost £195,000.

    The Council of Mortgage Lenders confidently expects 1.2m property sales to be completed this year. This is a rise in the 970,000 previously predicted. They also expect mortgage loans to be £10billio...
  • Make Profit From Land Investment  By : Nationwide
    As a private investor, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to guarantee a return, no matter how alluring the investment looks. It’s always important to assess the risk you may be taking with your money before you commit to investing it.

    Land investment is no different from any other savings vehicle. Many people have seen excellent returns on their investment, and land prices in key areas continue to increase; particularly where the need for housing is greatest and land...
  • A Guide To Land Banking  By : Nationwide
    Land banking is a relatively new investment concept that allows smaller investors to own a piece of valuable land.

    How does land banking work?

    When large parcels of land are put up for sale, they are usually far too expensive for a single small investor. Land that’s in a good place for residential or business development is usually either bought by a land investment company or by a property developer. The owner then “banks” or holds onto the land until they are ready to...
  • Try This Untapped Investment  By : Nationwide
    More are more people are looking for alternatives to traditional investment, as pension funds face shortfalls and interest rates remain low.

    For many, it is the lure of property, both domestic and foreign that attracts the attention and the investment. Properties as second homes, rental vehicles or straightforward investments are very popular, but purchase can be complicated and maintenance costs are high. Land, on the other hand, is an untapped investment that could make ...
  • Buying Investment Property With No Credit Check  By : JM Anderson
    Low down payments, no credit check and guaranteed approval. This is the convenience for many investment property buyers who choose to shop online. With the internet being responsible for dramatically changing the way people do business, it is also responsible for revolutionizing the way people shop for investment property.

    A conventional loan for investment property would entail an application, credit review and complete disclosure of the applicants financial situation. Ho...
  • Learning How To Get Free New And Existing Mls Home Listings In Your Area  By : Stu Pearson
    When you are in the market for a new home, the key is to be able to see as many available homes as possible. However, driving up and down the streets is not an efficient way to gauge the housing market in your area. A better way to do it would be access the MLS listing sites that many realtors use. Knowing how to get free new and existing MLS home listings in your area can be incredibly valuable in helping look at a large number of homes and narrow the market down to the ones...
  • Advantages In Joining A MLS Real Estate Listing  By : Stu Pearson
    When you choose to sell your home on your own, you want all the help you can get. Though you can save thousands by skipping the commissions of a realtor, you put yourself at a marketing disadvantage. That is why you need to get your property listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) for realtors. There are many advantages in joining a MLS real estate listing. A look at them will show you that paying a flat fee to get a “for sale by owner” listing on MLS is well worth the m...
  • Second Mortgages Or A Further Advance  By : Joseph Kenny
    If you are a homeowner and in need of some extra cash, one possibility you could consider is taking out a second mortgage. If the present value of your house exceeds the amount you paid for it (your mortgage total), then you have equity that can be used to borrow more money. This is basically a loan that is secured on your house – and is sometimes termed a further advance.

    Finding Another Lender?

    You can approach your existing lender for a second mortgage, or shop aroun...
  • First Time Buyers - Working Your Way Up The Property Ladder  By : Joseph Kenny
    You’ve moved in, you’re paying your mortgage; you’re ready to finally breathe out…Congratulations! You are now a homeowner, and should be enjoying the change. Now you’re firmly on the property ladder, you can start to make the most of your new status.

    With sound judgement and a little luck, the next move you make will be up the way. While the economy is stable and house prices continue to rise, your property will be gaining value year on year. The difference between what y...
  • First Time Buyers Beware  By : Joseph Kenny
    Although it’s a big undertaking, buying your own home is one of the wisest moves you can make. Rather than pouring money away on rent, you will effectively be investing in your property with every mortgage payment.

    You will also become a ‘homeowner’, which should please your bank manager no end. You may find offers of loans and credit suddenly become a lot more frequent, and when you’ve just moved into a new home it can seem tempting to borrow money to kit the place out. B...
  • Florida Real Estate Braved The Waves  By : Pat Murphy
    Despite the hurricanes in 2004, Florida real estate was on fire. Pre-construction developments, commercial buildings, and home constructions dotted the coast. The lenders have a field day handing out mortgages to interested investors rushing to buy properties. Even the hurricane threat and the stigma of being a hurricane country did not stop investors of Florida real estate from backing out. What's surprising is that after every hurricane, new rebuilding projects seem to rise...
  • Equity Explained  By : James Mahony
    The principle of equity loans is to provide revenue to homeowners to pay off high-interest debts. In other words, persons who take out equity loans agreed to utilize the sum of cash to pay off credit card interest, tuition, cars payments, and so forth. The moral of equity loan is to lower interest rates for the most part. While there are various types of equity loans available for the most part, each equity loan similar on the most basic level, since the loans will all use th...
  • What Is A Deferred 1031 Tax Exchange?  By : Nationwide1031
    A tax deferred exchange represents a simple, strategic method for selling one qualifying property and the subsequent acquisition of another qualifying property within a specific time frame.

    Although the logistics of selling one property and buying another are virtually identical to any standard sale and purchase scenario, an exchange is different because the entire transaction is memorialized as an exchange and not a sale. And it is this distinction between exchanging and ...
  • 1031 Tax Exchange – Frequently Asked Questions  By : Nationwide1031
    After years of conducting tens of thousands of successful 1031 exchanges, we found that there are a number of frequently asked questions related to this type of transaction…

    Equity and Gain

    Is my tax based on my equity or my taxable gain?

    Tax is calculated upon the taxable gain. Gain and equity are two separate and distinct items. To determine your gain, identify your original purchase price, deduct any depreciation which has been previously reported, then add the va...
  • How To Keep From Getting Judgment Liens  By : John Nazareno
    Judgment liens can be placed against ones home or other assets when they refuse to pay credit card bills, home improvement bills, or just about any other type of bill. All a creditor needs to do is pursue payment and if the homeowner is not able or unwilling to pay, the creditor can go to court and a judge can place a lien against the home of the person that owes the debt. While a judgment is often said to not be as serious as a tax lien, it is still something that someone sh...
  • What Is A Building Society?  By : Mark Lambie
    Throughout the UK you can find branches of large, multinational banks on almost every High Street. These banks are well known, well recognised and generally well understood. Alongside them, though, you will often find a Building Society. Traditionally, these only offer their services to people who live within a local catchment area and the societies are regional rather than national. As time has gone on this is not so much the case and many building societies accept customers...
  • 3 Ways To Get The Lowest Rate On Your Home Equity Loan  By : L. Sampson
    Home equity loans are relatively easy to get, even if you have bad credit. Because you are putting your home up as collateral, lenders tend to be more willing to give you money. From a lender’s point of view, it is a low risk situation. Chances are, if your home is on the line you will make repaying your loan a budget priority and if you default on the loan, they will get their money back in the form of your house. With all of the lenders out there wanting to give home equity...
  • Low Credit Score Mortgage Refinance – 3 Reasons To Refinance Existing Mortgage  By : Carrie Reeder
    Before choosing to refinance a mortgage, each homeowner should take into account the pros and cons. As a result of declining interest rates, many people reason that now’s the time to refinance. For many, this is a smart move. However, refinancing may not be wisest choice for others. Homeowners should refinance with a goal in mind. Here are the top three reasons why homeowners opt to refinance their mortgage.

    Refinancing is Ideal for Putting Money in Your Pocket

    The prim...
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders – Finding A Home Loan With Bad Credit  By : Carrie Reeder
    UWith hundreds of subprime lenders online, you can quickly find a home loan with bad credit. Taking the time to get your financing first will save you both time and money. You can also select loan terms that best fit your budget needs. Start with recommended lenders, and then expand your search. In less than a day, you can start your loan application and be on your way to buying a home.

    Before You Buy A House, Get Your Financing Lined Up

    Before you start shopping for a ...

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