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  • Income Drawdown Calculator “Calculate To Secure Your Aged Days’  By : Kevin Stelfox
    An income drawdown calculator has now become popular as it is necessary for one to know ones option of income drawdown. A growing demand can be seen in the income drawdown plans and as a result of this, the calculator steps in, which is the most efficient way to calculate your unsecured pension.
  • 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your ISA  By : Ace Jayden
    When investing in an ISA, we want to reap the full advantages of these accounts. It is important to understand exactly how ISAs work and the ways on how to make the most of them.
  • Risk Tolerance in Stock Market Investing-00-5484  By : Bendz
    Understanding your personal risk tolerance will help you find your own investment approach and allow you to choose how to invest with confidence.
  • Personal Pensions – All you need to know about these helpful investments  By : Kevin Stelfox
    Personal pensions are among the highly recommended investment options for you to stay happy and comfortable even during your days of retirement. In simple terms, these are nothing but savings done by the people in their youth so they can live happily when they retire. However, there is more to it than meets the eye?
  • SIPP Pensions – A Quick Guide  By : Kevin Stelfox
    SIPP is an abbreviation for Self Invested Personal Pensions. As the name implies, this is a pension plan where you are the contributor and the investor. Unlike the conventional and traditional pension plans, SIPP pensions offer you the benefit of doing your own investments. While this may seem to be a wise choice for many, remember there are many risks that come with the territory, especially if your knowledge of finances and investments is meager.
  • How To Realize Smart Investments in Alternative Energy  By : Dale R Smith
    It's doable to own a portfolio which beneficially (that is the key word, is it not?) invests in different energy resources. “Green” energy creation is predicted to be a multi-billion (in today's dollars) trade by 2013.
  • How To Cash In On The Upcoming Gold Boom (And Make 400% ROI Using This Unknown Tactic)!  By : Tuks Engineer
    Gold has been a star performer in the portfolios of some of the wealthiest dynasties in the history of the world. Just a few of the prolific people who have used gold to build their incredible wealth include the DuPonts (who now own a massive chemical business), the Rothschilds (once upon a time the richest people in the world), the (JP) Morgans and Egypt’s royal Farouk family. We could go on and on forever about more family empires who owe their core wealth to gold but there...
  • Investing In Finland's Pharmaceutical Industry  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    According to local sources, the pharmaceutical industry will be the next sector in Finland's economy to show strong growth. Both the number of companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector and the number of professionals employed in the industry are expected to double in the next ten years. Specifically, the number of companies operating in Finland's pharmaceutical industry and associated sectors is expected to increase from its current total of approximately 50 to a total...
  • Investing In Tax Liens/Tax Deeds For Higher Returns  By : Carl Hampton
    With large numbers of Americans now looking for safer investments for their long term wealth building programs. Most want higher returns than they can get from putting their hard earned money into Bank CD's, many are seeking information about Tax Liens. Investing in Tax Lien/Deed certificates will enable you to realize safe, annualized returns all guaranteed by the United States Government.

    The collection of Real Estate property taxes is a major priority in every taxing di...
  • Investing In Gold Bullion  By : G Smith
    For thousands of years Gold has been used as currency and been a highly prized precious metal.Gold has always been a favoured investment to hedge your portfolio against inflation. Gold prices in the international gold market can remain fairly stable through times of instability, recession and currency fluctuations.

    The ways of investing in gold can be via purchasing physical gold bullion in the form of gold bars or gold rounds, minted gold coins. Gold shares in gold mining...
  • What Is Inflation?  By : Julee Mitchelsin
    That is a good question and one that unfortunately there has not been an answer that everyone agrees upon. The term is a general description of the decreasing value of a unit of money over time. Therefore if you were to have 5 dollars now and went out and buried it and left it there for fifty years you would not have as much purchasing power with that 5 dollars that you had back when you buried it.

    This is what scares lots of people into investing. You see in order to beat...
  • Inside A Company’s News Release  By : James Finch
    Most investors read a company’s news releases, but don’t read between the lines to understand in which direction the company is heading. Too often, a company tries to say everything in the headline and the first paragraph. Why? Because they know, as we do, that most investors scan the headline, a few sentences and perhaps look at some drill intercepts or key technical data (which few really understand). Then, the investor looks at how the share price reacts to the news, rejoi...
  • Savings Accounts - Professional Advice  By : Joseph Kenny
    When it comes to savings, you may well find yourself daunted by the sheer variety of ways to invest your money. Particularly if you find yourself with a substantial amount to invest, and are less than confident at dealing with things like the stock market, bonds and trusts, you’re likely to gain from professional expertise. The main issue here is trust – you want to be sure your money is being used to its full potential and whoever you entrust it to must be someone you have t...
  • Great Profit Potential Comes With Greater Risk  By : RICHARD PROUD
    Perhaps you have been trading stocks for a long time. You believe that you have mastered the art known as trading and want to go even further. You think you are ready to play with the big boys now.

    All right then, step right up to the plate and get prepared for some advanced stock market trading.

    For advanced traders, using margin, selling short, getting into IPOs, and other quite sophisticated trading techniques and strategies can open a whole new world of exciting tra...
  • The Importance Of Maintenance Cap-Ex  By : Geoff Gannon
    Maintenance Cap-Ex

    The nice thing about having low capital spending, is the pleasant surprise it creates. You find a company that is earning more (economically) than other companies with the same GAAP numbers. So, the P/E ratio tends to exaggerate how expensive the business is.

    This is kind of like finding a business with excess cash. While it's true that a business can have too much cash from an efficiency point of view, finding more cash on the balance sheet than you ...
  • The Four Mandatory Buckets Of Personal Finance  By : Francis Kier
    I have already written about the financial necessity of saving a portion of any income payment that you receive. This means that a percentage of every single source of income is set aside, marked, or tracked as money that you cannot spend. This task isn’t optional if you want to have some basic financial stability or start growing some serious wealth. Saving is the first step and it is the easiest, simplest, but the most emotionally difficult step. I know that starting to sav...
  • Investing In Gold  By : Chester Smith
    It may seem old fashioned, but it is still possible to place some of your wealth and prospects into the ancient practice of hoarding gold. Gold has been the standard of wealth for centuries, in almost every culture that requires some system of barter, from Europe to Asia to South America. The metal has been known to launch expeditions for new lands, start wars, and to be the cause of the annihilation of entire cultures.

    The reasons for the world’s fascination with gold hav...
  • Basic Investing Rules  By : Herb Lazarus
    Investing your money can be a great way to ensure your financial future. With the right investment choices, you can be sure to have money for emergencies, to put towards the education of your children, and to have available when the time comes for you to retire. There is a key word in the preceding phrase however- “right”. If you make the wrong investment choices, you may just end up where you started or worse, flat broke. Most people who invest wisely by making the right dec...
  • Start Trading: Throw Those Excuses Out The Window  By : John Forman
    People make all kinds of excuses as to why they cannot get involved in investing or trading the financial markets. In this article, some of the most prominent are debunked.

    "I don’t have time"

    Despite being one of the most frequently heard, this is probably the most pathetic excuse for not trading there is. Why? Because the availability of technology and information in the modern day means that we can operate in literally any time frame we want. Many people, when they h...
  • Investing vs. Trading - What's The Difference?  By : John Forman
    There is a question which is sometimes asked by those new to the financial markets, and even occasionally debated by experienced participants. That question is how one differentiates between trading and investing. Because both trading and investing - when one considers them from the perspective of the financial markets - are performed in very similar fashions, they are often thought of as interchangeable actions.

    In my book, The Essentials of Trading, I followed along wit...
  • Economic Data And Its Influence On The Financial Markets  By : John Forman
    The things which contribute to price levels and action in the financial markets are numerous and diverse, and their influences can vary through time, and across different markets. This article identifies the different types of Economic Data influences and the role they play.

    There are two ways economic information can influence prices. The first is in the macro sense. Macroeconomic inputs include:

    Interest Rates
    Economic Growth (GDP)
    Government Budget Surpluses/Defici...
  • Buying Gold - The Logic  By : Wanda Cortez
    Humans have been fascinated by gold for thousands of years, by the way it never tarnishes and by its unique color.

    Sadly, gold is useless in engineering terms, except for plating electrical contacts, to ensure they never tarnish and lose their conductivity. The metal is too soft, with too low a tensile strength to be used for much besides necklaces and rings.

    As an investment though, gold is a different story altogether. Why do people buy gold? It has zero intrinsic val...
  • The Price Of Gold  By : Ian Dennis
    As other precious metals, gold is measured by troy weight and by grams. And when it is alloyed with supplementary metals the term carat or karat is used to specify the amount of gold present, with 24 carats being pure gold and lower ratings being proportionally less. The purity of a gold bar can also be written as a decimal figure ranging from 0 to 1, known as the millesimal fineness, such as 0.995.

    Carat and gold price

    Carat is a measure of the purity of gold and plati...
  • Take Time To Invest  By : Matthias Reightman
    There are many worthy ways to spend your time and energy. Our society is in desperate need of people who will care about people and things other than themselves. There are many ways that adults can help leave a positive legacy for the generations behind them. One of the best ways that we as adults can care for the world we live in is to invest in the young people all around us.

    Some of you are probably thinking that you are parents and that isn't that enough of a contribut...
  • Finding Your Match: The Art Of Meeting The Right Investors  By : Stephen Furnari
    In my practice, I meet with many entrepreneurs. Listening to their stories is a poignant reminder about just how difficult it can be to find the investment money they need to grow their businesses. Many often ask me about the best ways to raise money for their businesses. Believe it or not, often times my answer begins with a story about my dating life. It goes something like this:

    Although I was not blessed with Brad Pitt’s good looks or the best conversation skills, than...
  • The Danger Of Inflexible Enterprises  By : Geoff Gannon
    Whenever a large investment has been made in a particular area, whenever there is a lot capital, people, and ego tied up with some operation, the transition away from that operation is apt to be far slower than what an objective observer would have expected.

    As an investor, it’s easy to look at a corporation from afar and see the business the way a rational capital allocator would see it. But, very few people within the organization are able to take such a farsighted view....
  • Mismanagement At The New York Times  By : Geoff Gannon
    The New York Times Company (NYT) isn’t just reporting the news – it’s making the news. At yesterday’s annual meeting, shareholders withheld 28% of their votes for the four directors elected by holders of the company’s common stock. Nine other directors are elected by holders of the Class B shares, effectively granting control of the company to a group holding less than a 1% economic interest in the business.

    Most of the large newspaper companies have not done a great job o...
  • Investing With Confidence  By : Geoff Gannon
    Most people’s beliefs about investing are very tenuous. There are, of course, people who are very passionate about investing. They don’t view investing as some esoteric subject, but rather as a field intimately connected to the human behavior they observe in their everyday lives.

    For everyone else, however, beliefs about investing come in the form of passive knowledge. The tendency is simply to accumulate an inventory of conventional dictums. Investing beliefs are formed m...
  • The Magic Bullet Theory Of Investing  By : Chris Cooper
    Sadly, too many people believe that the successful in our society got that way through luck. So their financial plan is based not on earning and investing money, but waiting for their fairy godmother to show up.

    Some “miracle” roads to riches:

    The Lottery

    What better way to get rich, but to play the lottery. Even though the odds are 200 million to one, somebody’s got to win – right? Why not you?

    The ancillary to this is gambling. Go to Vegas or Atlantic City and b...
  • Why You Must Invest In Gold Today  By : Scott Michaels
    Gold. Rare, beautiful, and unique. Treasured as a store of value for thousands of years, it is an important and secure asset. It has maintained its long term value, is not directly affected by the economic policies of individual countries and doesn't depend on a 'promise to pay'.

    Completely free of credit risk, although it bears a market risk gold has always been a secure refuge in unsettled times. Its ‘safe haven’ attributes attract wise investors. Gold has proved itself ...
  • The Benefits Of An Investment Club  By : Stu Pearson
    An investment club consists of a small group of individual investors who come together and contribute to a mutual fund to learn and build confidence in order for them to make educated investment decisions. Investment clubs have been around for decades and have provided people with limited funds to take part in larger investments and to get first hand experience and education.

    The primary motive of an investment club is make the most money possible and for investors to sha...
  • Investment Series – Investor Versus Trader  By : Jason Ng
    Many people have mixed up the terms “ Investor ” and “ Trader ” to mean the same thing. They can’t be more wrong. It is exactly the mixing up of these 2 very important terms that led to many people starting on the wrong foot in the capital markets.

    An Investor is a person who puts his money where it can potentially generate a return. He does not usually get involved in the money making process. Investors include buyers of investment real estate and buyers of funds.

    A Tr...
  • HYIP: Playing It Right  By : Robert Thatcher
    Mention anything that could lead to High Yield Investment Programs and people will listen. There are good HYIP’s and there are bad. Anything that is good has always attracted the wrong people.

    HYIP’s has been around for so long coming in different names and guises but no matter what, it has not failed to attract customers. The good thing about HYIP is that it can offer good returns for investments sometimes as good as 250% in one month. The bad news is, it has its sorry s...
  • Some Lessons From Warren Buffett's Annual Letter  By : Geoff Gannon
    Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders was released over the weekend. Readers will find plenty of investing lessons among the twenty-three pages. Warren began this letter as he begins each letter, by stating Berkshire’s change in per-share book value:

    "Our gain in net worth during 2005 was $5.6 billion, which increased the per-share book value of both our Class A and Class B stock by 6.4%. Over the last 41 years, (that is, since present managemen...
  • How A Millionaire Manages One Dollar  By : Francis Kier
    If you don’t know how manage a million dollars, I guarantee that the money will quickly disappear if I wrote you a giant check right now. Precisely like 90% of lottery winners that go bust within five years, they didn’t have the basic discipline or the formula to handle the money that would have created a financial foundation that would last for generations. Learn how to manage a single dollar so that you can move up to the financial big-leagues on your own.

    Give a millio...

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