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  • Information About How Bank Debt Recovery May Differ From Other Debt Collection  By : David Montana
    Bank debt collection differs from other types of debt collection in some very key areas. This article explains in greater detail how bank debt collection differs.
  • The importance of using the Right Lacrosse Equipment  By :
    The sport of Lacrosse is an exciting game that is more popular in Europe than in the United States. It is important to be aware that this fun game can cause serious injuries and prove to be quite dangerous at times. However, you can reduce the risk of injury by wearing the proper equipment, and enjoy the game thoroughly.
  • A Few Must Sees On Your Berlin Itinerary  By :
    Berlin is the capital of Germany, and a city of rich history. It is the site of many significant historical events, and the location of a great deal of architectural grandeur. There are many things to do and see in Berlin, including eating, entertainment, drinking (drinking is an activity anywhere you go in Germany) and sightseeing. And when you are sightseeing in Berlin, there are five things that you really should not miss.
  • Credit Unions: The Cheaper Alternative?  By : Adrian Taylor
    The standard means of obtaining credit has become so widespread that being at the mercy of increasing interest rates and inflated charges on loans and credit cards has become so commonplace that it is easy to believe there is no other option. But there may be an alternative in the form of the little known credit union movement.

    A credit union is a profit sharing, financial co-operative run democratically by the members of the union itself. And by offering a more financiall...
  • Credit Unions: What You Need To Know  By : Gabriel Adams
    What exactly is a credit union? What are the benefits of a credit union? Learn the answers to these questions plus others in this quick look at the basics of credit unions.

    First of all, what is a credit union? It is a not for profit financial institution that is owned and governed by its members, through a board of directors.

    The primary difference between a credit union and a conventional bank is ownership and control. Specifically, the fact that credit unions are own...
  • What Is Your Bank Charging You? A Guide To Bank Charges  By : Joseph Kenny
    When you're shopping around for a bank account there are a lot of factors to consider. Many people go for up-front incentives, such as money paid into the bank account, vouchers or a gift. However, it is worth looking at bank accounts in more depth to find out what you might be paying for various transactions. Here are some of the transactions that banks might charge you for.

    Authorised Overdraft

    An overdraft is like a short term loan. The bank gives you permission to s...
  • Business Banking – Getting The Right Account For Your Business  By : Joseph Kenny
    While many people turn to their usual bank when opening a business account, it’s advisable to shop around. There can be some advantages to using the same bank for personal and business accounts – your manager may be more supportive if you are known to the bank and have a sound financial track record. However, each bank offers different services and has different bank charges.

    Many banks are currently offering free business banking for a set period – six months or a year – ...
  • Business Banking - An Overview  By : Joseph Kenny
    Making a success of your business depends on planning and judgement. ‘The bottom line’ is all about managing your finances wisely, whether that means sourcing the funding you need to start up or keeping on top of your accounts.

    Setting up or running a business calls for a separate account. Not only will this make your accounting a lot simpler, but also business accounts are tailored specifically to the needs of business clients. Many have a specialised team to deal with bu...
  • Wachovia Online Banking  By : Dennis Frank
    Wachovia online banking is fast becoming the banking method of choice for millions of customers looking to save time. In fact just recently the Wachovia online banking system landed in top place for customer satisfaction as gauged by Keynote System’s “Keynote Customer Experience and Service Level Rankings."

    What features set Wachovia online banking apart from its competition? Ease of use is what put Wachovia ahead of the rest. Online banking benefits banks by giving custom...
  • Get Started With Wells Fargo Online Banking Today!  By : Dennis Frank
    Wells Fargo online banking offers many of the features you would expect a bank to offer. In addition to the ability to view your bank accounts, pay your bills, and keep up-to-date with your loan payments, Wells Fargo online banking offers customers something even more important: convenience.

    That’s because when you choose to go the Wells Fargo online banking route, you no longer have to spend your lunch hour doing your banking. You can sit right at your desk or anywhere yo...
  • Lloyds TSB  By : Dennis Frank
    Lloyds TSB is the result of a merger in 1995 of two formidable financial institutions: Lloyds Bank Group and the TSB Group. Today, Lloyds TSB has offices in 27 countries around the world. As a major player in the financial arena, its offices are located in all of the world’s financial hot spots including Dubai, Switzerland, the United States, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

    Online banking with Lloyds TSB is the preferred banking method of the majority of its 27-million cust...
  • Bank Of America Online Banking  By : Dennis Frank
    Bank of America online banking is available to any customer who currently does business with the bank. Participation in the Bank of America online banking program is free and easy to set up.

    One feature that sets the Bank of America online banking program apart from its competitors is the way it handles bill payments. You’d think a lot of data entry would be required, but that’s not the case. The program already knows the billing addresses of the most commonly used payees....
  • Chase Online Banking  By : Dennis Frank
    Chase online banking is a small business’s most useful financial resource. Most small businesses start with a great idea. The person behind the idea feels confident that the idea is sound and that there’s a demand. He or she then sets out to turn the idea into the latest must-have craze. What many small business owners don’t know a lot about is how to handle the company’s finances. That’s where Chase online banking can help.

    Small business owners who enroll in Chase online...
  • About Dormant Bank Accounts  By : Nicholas Hunt
    It's estimated that up to £5bn may be sitting unclaimed in UK dormant bank accounts. Could you be entitled to a share?
  • About Basic Bank Accounts  By : Nicholas Hunt
    There are still around 3 million adults in the UK today who are completely outside the banking system, and don't have access to a bank account. Basic bank accounts are a simple type of account introduced to help remedy the situation.
  • On Banks  By : Geoff Gannon
    Superficially, banking appears to be a commodity business. In fact, it appears to be a particularly poor commodity business, because capacity is not constrained by the need to invest in a substantial physical infrastructure. True, whatever investments are made in tangible assets are usually intended as a means to acquire more intangible assets; however, a branch is hardly comparable to an oil well.

    A bank’s ability to lend money (and thus produce income) is not completely ...
  • The Benefits Of Saving For Your Child's School Finance  By : Codi Morieta
    Defining your savings goals is the first thing to do before you invest, especially when that investment will have an impact on your child’s future.

    It is after-all your child’s future that you are investing in--and school finance cannot be avoided, as babies will grow into adults who need to be given the best opportunities we can offer as parents.

    The best advice that any parent can get is to start saving early. College tuition fees can cause a strain on your family's...
  • Save Online, Try The Online Savings Account  By : Robert Thatcher
    Savings account is account deposited that is only intended to stay in the bank for a relatively shorter time span. This account usually offers much lower interest rates than most bank accounts. But still, like many other accounts, it accumulates interests. The rate of which is largely dependent on the conditions provided by the bank.

    Savings accounts are normally maintained by commercial banks, credit unions, loans and savings associations, and some mutual savings bank th...
  • Personal Accounts – Clever Ways To Manage Your Account  By : Joseph Kenny
    Once you’ve found the right bank and the right account, you may be tempted to rest on your laurels. However, if you want to make the most of your money, you need to give it regular attention. The world of finance is changing continually, with new offers and opportunities cropping up every season. To take advantage of them, you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

    Not only should you keep a flexible approach, but be prepared to do a bit of research to keep abreast of the...

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