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  • Originate Nationwide with a Bank  By : Thomas Kadlec
    Originate Nationwide.

    Should you join a national program or continue trying to ad states one by one. While facing regulatory issues and roadblocks to keep the national markets available only to the large banks. Expanding your reach on a national program with a bank instantly will expand your reach nationwide to level the playing field between banker and broker!!

    The 50 state lending program is a program designed to be used by licensed mortgage brokers and their employees to accept mortgage loans that have been referred to them from all 50 states. The broker becomes an independent contractor for the bank to help originate and manage a portion of the process and be compensated for that management according to RESPA regulations.

    This opens up experienced brokers and their employees to do business nationally on a level playing field with the banks!

    Originators that can focus their efforts on getting loans in and less on investors and state restrictions will be able to spend more time originating loans and making money.


    The broker will originate the mortgage loan using the process and procedures provided through the 50 State Lending website. Upon approval NLC will email the new approved broker; logins to a permission based website with all the tools and procedures to help them originate the loan. Once the AUS required documentation has been accumulated by the bank's processing department, the information will be verified and forwarded to the investor for underwriting. If additional information is required by either the bank's processing department or by the investor's underwriting department, the broker will be notified and will be responsible for providing the required information. Once the loan has been approved the broker will be notified of prior to closing conditions that must be satisfied and asked to schedule a closing with his/her borrower. The banks processing department will work with the investor, the broker and the title company to ensure that all prior to closing conditions have been satisfied, the closing has been scheduled and that closing documents are prepared.


    The broker will be compensated on Friday of each week for loans funded/purchased by Wednesday of the same week. Compensation will be 1099 and paid to the broker/mortgage company and sent by mail. Per the bank regulators, the maximum combined total discount points and yield spread premium that can be charged by a broker is 3.5%.


    This program is available to licensed mortgage brokers and their companies nationally. Please remember that you and your employees are 'not' employees of the bank. Do not represent yourselves as employees of the bank. You and your employees are contractors for the bank. You are responsible for the actions of your employees and will be held accountable for their actions. Please remember also, that this program is offered by 'invitation only' and can be rescinded at any time. This program is unique to the mortgage industry and represents a valuable opportunity for qualified mortgage brokers giving you unlimited access to all 50 States.
  • What Is A Second Mortgage?  By : Levetta Rivera
    A second mortgage is a loan that is secured by the equity in your home. When you obtain a second mortgage loan the lender will place a lien on your house. This lien will be recorded in 2nd position after your primary or 1st mortgage lender's lien, hence the term second mortgage.
  • The ins and outs of Health Insurance when You're Self Employed  By :
    Looking into health insurance, especially for those who are self employed, can be a daunting task. Without the help of company programs that pay part of your insurance, it can be a more expensive, and even frustrating to get health insurance. There are some basics to understand, however, before you buy.
  • The Importance Of Implementing a Business Plan  By :
    Business plans present a direct course of action for businesses to take. Without this plan, securing investment capital is almost impossible from investors or banks. You may very well have planned everything out in your head, but it still needs to be put down on paper for others to see.
  • How to Improve PC Operations with Reg Cleaners  By :
    If you ever experience slow times on your computer, error messages or other malfunctioning of your systems, you could need your registry cleaned. What happens is that the Windows registry in your computer acts as a central database, with information classified according to various data and / or criteria in successive layers or levels. And Windows uses this stored data to configure your system for not only users but software applications and hardware devices.
  • Clean Up Your Computer with Reg Cleaners  By :
    Just as you would normally clean your computer systems by defragging and compressing files and folders, you need to clean out your Windows registry. Because lack of upkeep can result in slow start up operations, run times, error messages, incomplete application processing and much more inefficient systems and operations handling.
  • Is that Illinois reverse mortgage loan going to be beneficial?  By :
    How to check your mortage, information about reverse mortage and the benefits.
  • United States visa information  By :
    Inofrmation on how to apply for a visa. Advice for immigrants...
  • Legal Issues for Small Businesses  By :
    If you own your own small business chances are you know very little about the laws and regulations that you encounter on a day to day basis. Understanding the legal issues that concerns small businesses it is vital to your business’ success. The small business association suggests that all small business owners take a few legal courses to understand the legal issues you may come up against. However many small businesses ignore this advice and suffer consequences that could have been avoided.
  • List of all USCIS (formerly INS) offices nationwide  By :
    The information about all USCIS offices and consulates nationwide.
  • List of all USCIS (formerly INS) offices nationwide and Consulates  By :
    The information about USCIS offices and consulates nationwide.
  • List of American Embassies and Consulates  By :
    The information about American Embassies listed in order.
  • What type of furniture do you require.  By :
    Information about the different materials you can find... Advice to choose the best prices over the Internet
  • How to get a job in the United States  By :
    How to apply for a job, and where to find the specific job on the internet. Advice to get chosen faster.
  • Buying a home  By :
    Advice on planning to buy a home, investment, loans and other related information.
  • Renting a home  By :
    How to rent a house if you are a non US. Where to find best houses, and advice.
  • Marrying in the US  By :
    Information to immigrants that want to come in the US and get married. Details about certain lotteries they can participate too.
  • Moving Companies  By :
    Information and best advice to find a moving company. Describing the plans and related services.
  • Finding religious organizations to join  By :
    Information to be able to find religios groups within the US. Top organizations for different types of religions.
  • Preparing for a Talent Show  By : David Fishman
    Are you feeling the need to strut your stuff? Singing, dancing, and magic tricks are just a few of the talents often seen in talent shows. Many people find performing in local talent shows to be an excellent way to highlight their ability, get exposure for a budding career, or just have fun showing off their favorite hobby.
  • Stop emailing articles to your list!  By : Jonathan Leger
    If you're sending out articles to your email list, you need to stop right now, this instant, without delay! Yes, yes, I know everyone is telling you to email information to your list regularly, but let me show you why you need to change all that.

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