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  • How Floor Plans Can Save You Money  By : Jim Kapowski
    In almost every major real estate market in the country, prices for new homes have increased by double-digit amounts for the past few years. This has sent the price of new and used homes through the roof. Millions upon millions remain stuck in the dead-end rut of the rental game due to these skyrocketing home prices. But one way that you can possibly end the rental nightmare or perhaps even upgrade to a larger home is to use floor plans and start from scratch!

    There was a ...
  • Getting Your Home Listed On The Multiple Listing Service  By : Stu Pearson
    Getting your home listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) used by realtors all over the country, you are gaining access to thousands of realtors, brokers, and thus their customers who are ready to buy. Basically, whether you are using a realtor or selling on your own, getting listed on MLS is a must. Most home buyers begin their search on the internet, so this listing is absolutely crucial to getting proper exposure for your home.

    There are many options for getting on...
  • Save Thousands By Listing Your Home On Flat Fee MLS Listing  By : Stu Pearson
    Selling your home on your own can save you a lot of money, and yet most people still use a realtor. One reason is that realtors actually do have access to marketing tools you don’t generally have. That, though, does not have to be the case. Take, for instance, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by almost every realtor.

    The MLS is a crucial part of marketing your home. Since about 70% of home buyers begin their search on the internet, it is very important that your hom...

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