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  • Credit Repair Scams: Four Signs to Help Detect One  By : Don Tate
    For every person who does get victimized by a credit repair scam, there are probably dozens more who have avoided seeking help from a credit repair company because of the fear of being taken. But this does not have to be the case. There are things you can look for to detect a credit repair scam and by being aware of what to look out for, you can weed out the shady companies and find a credit repair company you can trust.
  • Finding a Credit Repair Company You Can Trust  By : Dona Barlett
    As is the case with mechanics, insurance agents, plumbers, and every other profession, there are good credit repair companies and some to avoid. Below are some tips for identifying a credit repair company you can trust.
  • Today is the Perfect Day to Fix Bad Credit  By : Joseph Kenny
    If your credit score is good, now is a perfect time to take advantage of it. Interest rates are better than they have been in years and many large ticket items can be purchased at a significant discount. And if your credit score could use some work, now is the time for credit repair before it is too late to take advantage.
  • Finding a Quality Credit Repair Company  By : Joel Teo
    Credit repair has become big news as people are finding their credit score is standing between themselves and achieving their goals. Hoping to increase their credit scores, an increasing number of consumers are turning to credit repair services for help and many of these customers are finding their efforts rewarded. There are many legitimate credit repair services - and some to be avoided. Make sure you choose well.
  • Credit Counseling For The Worried Debtor  By : Antonio Silver
    Although you try your best to keep our finances under control and pay our bills on time, there are times when you find yourself in unmanageable debt. If you're experiencing slow or no payments on your credit cards, student loans, or car payments, credit counseling might be the answer you're
    looking for.

    A credit counseling agency can help by finding ways to reduce and manage your debt. They do this by contacting each of your creditors to negotiate new repayment terms. Cre...
  • 3 Things To Look For In A Credit Repair Company Online  By : Carrie Reeder
    If it's been a while since you've looked at your credit report, you may be surprised to find errors, mistakes, or even a black mark or two. Fortunately, a Credit Repair Company can help you fix those mistakes and erase those black marks. Watch out for scammers, though, and choose a reputable Credit Repair Company with these tips:

    Don't pay anything up-front

    Avoid a Credit Repair Company that wants you to hand over a fee or payment before they meet with you. Reputable co...
  • Credit Repair  By : Walter Silcox
    We’ve all seen them. “Send me 99.95 and I’ll fix your credit and you can get a one million dollar credit card tomorrow.” Ok so I am being a little dramatic. This article is to give you some insight into repairing your credit. It is not meant in any way to be legal advice. We will discuss several things in this article such as how credit works, paying or settling debts, credit repair companies, and establishing new credit.

    Before we begin I want to share a few things. I was...
  • How To Use A Collection Agent To Repair Your Credit  By : Ryan Cote
    Your credit rating is determined by your credit report. If you obtain a loan from a bank, credit card company, or other loan establishment, your ability to make your payments on time is reported to a credit reporting agency. Credit reporting agencies then compile this financial information into a personalized credit report, the key to a positive – or negative – credit rating. Any negative notations within your credit history will haunt you for up to seven years, and could pre...
  • How To Use A Secured Credit Card To Repair Your Credit  By : Ryan Cote
    If you have ever had credit cards, paid a bill monthly, or obtained a loan, you have a credit rating. When you make payments to a creditor, they report these payments to credit reporting agencies that compile your credit report and track your credit history. If you miss a payment, or even worse, your debt gets sent to a collection agent, this affects your credit rating negatively, and may prevent you from obtaining more lines of credit when you need them in the future.

    As ...
  • How To Contact Creditors To Help With Credit Repair  By : Ryan Cote
    Good credit has become nearly a necessity these days. Credit has become almost essential to buying a car or a home (unless you have large amounts of cash lying around) and with the advent of online buying, it's generally difficult to operate without some kind of credit card. Unfortunately, credit does cause problems for some people. Minimum payments on credit cards can be missed, or a loan could go into default and your credit rating will begin to slide. When you have negativ...
  • Choose Your Credit Repair Company With Caution  By : Ryan Cote
    Almost everyone has some kind of debt. Most people have credit cards, student loans, a mortgage, or car payments. Your timeliness in paying off these loans make up your credit history, something that people usually don’t think about until it’s too late and you are declined on an application. Your credit history is an important tool in maintaining your financial stability, and can have a big impact on your way of life. Once your credit rating is listed as “poor,” you will have...
  • Credit Repair, A Chance For Much Needed Redemption.  By : Tomas Morkenson
    There are many actions that you can defend by saying “oh, I was just young and foolish then,” but when talking about credit this will only get you sympathy from friends. You can pay dearly for foolish financial decisions and laziness for years after you were “young and foolish,” keeping many people from realizing their full potential financially for so long that by the normal age of retirement rolls around they are forced to work 5 or 10 years longer. The answer that smart bu...
  • Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair  By : Ryan Cote
    Good credit is key to economic success. You may not give to much thought to your credit report, but good credit lets you do a lot of things that most people take for granted: get a credit card, rental a car, obtain a loan, or even get an apartment. Missed payments to a creditor, or defaulting on a loan altogether, creates black marks that are recorded on your credit report when your creditor reports them to a credit bureau. Too many missed payments or defaulted loans will lea...
  • Two Ways To Begin Repairing Your Credit  By : Ryan Cote
    Credit is a necessary tool for many people's day-to-day lives. Good credit allows for many advantages that we sometimes take for granted: credit cards, the ability to rent an apartment, qualifying for financing or a car loan, and that’s just the beginning. If you fall behind in payments towards a creditor, each incident will be reported to your credit bureau, end up reflecting badly in your credit rating, and make the credit-dependent activities above difficult If not impossi...
  • How To Repair Your Credit With Credit Counseling  By : Ryan Cote
    Budgeting is a skill, like anything else, and takes practice. Some people have a natural aptitude for managing their income and staying in positive standing with their debtors. Most people have some kind of debt, whether it’s a credit card bill, a mortgage, or a car loan. Managing your debts properly will result in a good credit rating, and allow you to receive credit in the future. Making late payments on your loans - or worse, letting them go into default - will leave you s...
  • How To Consolidate Your Debts And Repair Your Credit  By : Ryan Cote
    If you think you are alone with your debt, think again. Everyone, regardless of economic status or situation, is in debt in one way or another. You might have small debts, like credit cards or financing, or large debts like student loans and mortgages. Either way, your level of debt directly affects your credit.

    Without a good credit score, you might have trouble getting a loan or a mortgage, or even a debit card – things that most of us take for granted. Your credit score...
  • How To Fix Your Credit Report  By : Stu Pearson
    Living with bad credit is stressful but if you want to fix your credit report, there are several steps you can take. First, think positively about the solutions to your money problems – do not dwell on past failures and current debt. Then take the necessary actions to achieve a healthy credit report.

    Here are some tips on how to fix your credit report. First, request a copy of your report from a credit bureau (it’s free) and promptly correct any errors you find in it. You ...
  • The Benefits Of Fixing A Bad Credit Report  By : Stu Pearson
    If you are living under a rainy cloud of bad credit, you probably want to know how to fix your credit report. The first step is to have a positive attitude about money and soon you will be on your way to fixing bad credit, which is a very important goal.

    Good credit renders you a successful credit card and loan applicant. If you’re a student going to college, a potential homebuyer, or anyone else in need of a loan, you need to fix your credit report, otherwise you may not ...
  • Top 5 Tips To Fixing Your Credit Report  By : Stu Pearson
    Never underestimate the value of good credit. If your credit history isn’t spick and span, make sure to promptly fix your credit report. This is very important. For example, maybe you are a student and you need a loan to pay for graduate school. Your credit history will affect whether or not you get that loan and consequentially it may even affect whether or not you attend that university.

    If applying for a private student loan, your creditor or lending institution will pr...
  • Credit Counseling Agencies: Good Or Bad?  By : Debbie Dragon
    There are many different opinions from financial experts and consumers regarding the use of Credit Counseling Agencies in order to help get out of debt. Some will tell you it's the best thing you can do for yourself when you've gotten into uncontrolled debt, while others will warn you to stay as far away from a credit counseling agency as possible. How can you make the decision whether or not to work with an agency or not?


    If you are considering signing with a ...
  • Credit Repair: Good Credit References  By : Christopher H. Waters
    Unfortunately, there is no magic repair available today. You will need to dedicate a good deal of discipline, patience and effort to the task.

    It will be a better idea to start with requesting copies of credit report from each of credit reference agencies. It is well known that Credit reference agencies do not make credit decisions. They only collect and give credit history and identifying information to potential lenders. If needed this information is also provided to pot...
  • Three Steps To Repairing Your Credit  By : Debbie Dragon
    Have you spent a little more (or a lot more) than you should have with credit? Most American’s have several credit cards with a few thousand dollars in debt racked up, as well as car or personal loans. When you combine these payments with your every day living expenses, it can be really hard to get yourself out of debt. Here are 3 steps you can take right now, to get on the road to repairing your credit.

    1. Thanks to changes in federal laws, every citizen in the United Sta...
  • How To Repair Your Credit  By : Joseph Kenny
    If you have less than perfect credit, you are probably attracted to the many commercials on TV which promise credit repair and debt consolidation. While there are many things companies can do to help you fix your credit, there are a number of things you can do yourself to get back on your feet. Many people make the mistake of avoidng their lenders. They choose to ignore phone calls or letters which are sent in the mail.

    You want to make sure you contact your lenders prompt...
  • Credit Repair Advice: How To Improve Your Credit Score  By : Sherry Frewerd
    Our credit scores determine much about how we live our lives. We buy practically everything on credit. When applying for a loan, our good credit scores help us receive reasonable interest rates. In fact, from landlords, to insurance companies, to utilities, everyone looks at our credit scores, as they are a reflection of our financial health. A healthy credit score may determine what various agencies will charge for their services. Today, even employers check personal credit ...
  • Finance Credit Counseling  By : Tim Renolds
    Not only is credit counseling now a requirement when filing bankruptcy thanks to the new laws set forth in October of 2005, but it is also a good idea for those who find that they are swimming in a river of debt without the proverbial paddle. When you are in financial danger such as this credit counseling could be a great option and an alternative to filing for bankruptcy. With the many different kinds of credit counseling companies that are available to you, it may be hard t...
  • What Are Credit Counseling Services  By : Joseph Kenny
    If you are looking for a credit counseling service it is likely that you are already in financial danger. When a counseling service offers easy solutions to your problems, it can be hard not to believe them, especially if you're on the verge of bankruptcy. In this article I will talk about credit counseling services and what you should know about them.

    There are a number of good credit counseling services available, and they can greatly help you get back on your feet. How...
  • Credit Card Debt Help Online - Comparing Debt Consolidation Services  By : Carrie Reeder
    Because of the many debt consolidation services available, those seeking credit card debt help may not know which agency to use. The key to locating the best debt consolidation service involves comparing various companies. Each consolidation service has separate criteria. Using the internet, research different companies and find a company that fits your needs.

    How Much Debt Have You Acquired?

    Some debt consolidation services prefer working with individuals who have amas...
  • How To Repair Your Credit With Credit Cards  By : Ed Vegliante
    Very few people live their entire lives without inflicting any damage upon their credit scores. Whether it be high balances on credit cards, bankruptcy, collections issues or financing troubles, credit problems affect the best of us and are difficult to repair.

    Fortunately, there are solutions to repairing bad credit and restoring faith with credit agencies and bureaus. All it takes is a little time and the right strategy, and before you know it, you’ll be receiving “Pre-A...
  • Bad Credit Repair-- Defining The Problem  By : Alexis Dey
    Before you begin the process of repairing your credit, you first need to ask yourself why you are having credit problems? Poor credit is nothing to be ashamed of. It is far more common than you may realize. Often it may not even be your fault, like Gerald and Lisa.

    They invested five years and all they money they saved to start a small sign company. Then one summer someone broke into their business office and stole all the computers and expensive sign-making equipment. Unf...
  • DIY Credit Repair Tips  By : Ken Snow
    While many people believe that getting their bad credit repaired can only be done through a professional agency, this is simply not true. By going to a credit agency, you might find that it takes a great deal more time and money than if you just worked on it yourself. Before you get in touch with a professional credit repair service, refer to the steps listed below, and you might find that repairing your own credit is not that difficult at all.

    When you repair your own cre...
  • Bad Credit Credit Report Repair - Why Do It Yourself?  By : L. Sampson
    A credit report is a powerful piece of paper. Lenders look at it closely when deciding whether or not to give you a loan. Insurance companies can use it to determine your rates or whether they will cover you at all. Employers can access it and use it as a factor in offering you a job or promotion. With that much significance placed on your credit report, it is absolutely essential that the information it contains paints you in a good light.

    Repairing your credit yourself s...

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