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  • Reasons Why You Should Consolidate Your Debt  By :
    In the last decade the number of individuals filing for bankruptcy has increased by 44% and this number is continuing to rise. Consumer credit is so high that a large number of people are in debt.
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Company - Recognizing Mortgage Lender Scams  By : Carrie Reeder
    Mortgage lenders recognize the value of owning a home. Because some people will not easily qualify for a home loan, several lenders have begun offering home loans to tailor a variety of needs. For this matter, bad credit mortgage lenders have gained widespread popularity. The majority of bad credit lenders are sincere in their efforts to help you finance a home. However, some lenders are only concerned about their profit, and will not offer the best rate and terms.

  • Identity Theft: They Got Him  By : Daryl Campbell
    It's easy to forget with all the overwhelming statistics on identity theft there are people behind those numbers.
  • Phishing And Fraud – What Is It?  By : Joseph Kenny
    Phishing is a very sneaky type of fraud conducted over the Internet. Its name is a throw back to the early days of hacking and identity theft and the practice of phone phreaking. While there can be very complicated schemes devised, they are all based on a very simple concept.

    Phishers try to persuade you, or trick you into giving them sensitive information which they can then use to make money out of the system. For example, one very attractive target for phishers would be...
  • Avoiding Credit Card Fraud.  By : Peter Kenny
    Credit card fraud is becoming more and more of a problem, and if you are not careful then you could lose money to fraudsters. If you are worried about fraud but are unsure how you can protect yourself and your credit cards, then this article could help you. Here are some useful tips and advice about how to protect yourself from credit card fraud:

    Methods of fraud

    The methods and types of fraud are increasing as criminals learn new techniques and get improved technology....
  • Credit Repair Scams And How To Avoid Them  By : David Vaccaro
    Everyone by now has probably gotten at least one email, junk mail, or other type of solicitation concerning Credit Repair. The truth is that around 80% of Americans have credit issues they need to deal with so there is a huge market for credit repair services.

    But with every large market there is one thing you can be sure of. It will also draw out the unethical people and the scammers and thieves as well. In this article I will tell you about some of the scams and offer yo...
  • Avoiding Credit Card Scams  By : Peter Kenny
    If you are a first time credit card user or have had credit cards for years, it is important to know about possible scams that you can be exposed to. Although many credit card companies are perfectly honest, there are also many dishonest ones who want to rip you off. If you are unaware of the ways in which you can be conned or misled then you could end up losing a lot of money. Here are some of the worst credit card scams around and how to avoid them:

    Debt suspension

  • Prevent Identity Fraud When Using Credit Cards  By : Jeremy Zongker
    Don't wait until your identity has been "stolen" to worry about it. Identity fraud is a severe crime with serious repercussions that can take months or even years for victims to repair, not to mention hundreds to thousands of dollars. If someone has stolen a credit card, or has obtained enough information about you to start applying for new loans and credit cards, your credit score is going to be adversely effected. You will likely have difficulty obtaining a job (employer...
  • Identity Fraud Precautions  By : Paul Thomas
    Consequences of Identity Fraud

    In most parts of the world, identity fraud is the fastest growing offence. Yet, in the USA, a longitudinal 2005 study by Javelin Strategy & Research showed that the crime had decreased since a 2003 study from the Federal Trade Commission was released in 2003. The most current US Javelin data also showed that 9.3 million persons, being 4.25% of all adults, are victims of identity fraud on a yearly basis. In the United Kingdom in 2005 the consu...
  • Phishing Scams And Credit Cards  By : Tim Renolds
    When it comes to new technology all have come with various drawbacks and credit cards have been no different. One of the specific drawbacks come in form of phishing. Phishing is done when a person uses a fake email or fake online shopping websites in order to gain information about you, your bank, or your credit card. This has become extremely common and something to be extra careful and mindful about.

    The interest has made phishing extremely easy and has become a very pop...
  • Credit Cards And Identity Fraud  By : James Mahony
    It is estimated that each day a number of individuals will have their identity stolen. Identity theft is a horrific problem that is sweeping the world. Identity theft is a crime, but in many cases it is hard to find a person to punish. For this reason, there are many lives that are turned upside down due to identity theft. While it may be difficult to associate good news with identity theft, there is some. Identity theft can often be prevented and if it should occur there are...
  • Fraud. Beware Of The Fraudsters  By : Michael Challiner
    According to Which, the consumer watchdog, about 5 million of us have been targeted by fraudsters and have lost money as a result. Fraudsters are clearly finding rich pickings!

    So what are the most widespread scams and how do you steer clear of them? Here are six scams to be aware of.

    You've won a lottery prize

    Here you receive a letter, or e-mail telling you that you've won a big prize on some lottery you've never heard of. All you have to do is pay an administra...
  • Credit Counseling Scams  By : Chris McElroy And Jennifer Tarzian
    Some of the worst scams involve offers to help consumers fix their credit. Our nation is so entrenched in the use of credit, it is inevitable that many will get behind on their payments. This common malady affects at least one person you know if not you, personally.

    Credit card companies, banks, stockbrokers, stores, and other financial institutions make it sound so easy, who could resist. No interest! No payments until July! No annual fee! Just fill in this form and you c...
  • Credit Cards Watch Out When Using Your Credit Card Abroad  By : Michael Challiner
    Going on holiday or business to Spain, France or Italy this year? Then watch out for a new ploy to overcharge your credit or debt card.

    Many restaurateurs and retailers in these countries now have the facility to get you to authorise your bill in euros but then they recharge your card in sterling. That sounds innocent but there's a sting in the tail. The retailers charge you an additional service fee of up to 4%! The system is called dynamic currency conversion (DCC).


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