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  • Free Credit Reports  By : Barbara Anderson
    Good credit? Are you sure?

    Credit reports are your most important asset when applying for a loan, housing, or even a job. Obtaining a free credit report is easier than you may think. Knowing the information your credit report contains is vital to accomplishing any of those goals. You should review your credit history at least once a year in order to correct mistakes, update information, and know what your score is. The best way to do this, of course, is by getting your fre...
  • 5 Warning signs you may need debt consolidation  By :
    Do you have too much debt and cant make your monthly payments or just pay minimums? You could be heading down a road to a financial crisis. Here are some warning signs that you may have a debt problem.
  • How To Get Free Annual Credit Reports From Major Credit Bureaus  By : Matt Shupe
    If you plan to apply for a mortgage, car loan, credit card or consolidation loan, then you will need to know what is in your credit reports from each of the three major credit bureaus. These include TransUnion, Equifax and Experian and each keeps a detailed record of your current and past debts, payment history, along with any information on public record, which may include foreclosures, bankruptcies or judgements.

    Each of your credit reports from the aforementioned bureau...
  • Free Annual Credit Report From All 3 Reporting Agencies  By : Angel Estrella
    Anyone who wishes to apply for a credit card, mortgage loan, car loan or debt consolidation loan needs to be familiar with his/her credit report and the information contained inside. So, just what is included in a credit report? The answer is an entire listing of an individual’s payment history for the past 7 years, current debt load and any public record information, such as judgements, bankruptcy and/or foreclosures. These factors, along with a debt to income ratio, combine...
  • Why Getting A Copy Of Your Credit Report Is Important  By : Ryan Cote
    Your credit rating, like a report card of your credit history, is important when determining your economic status. When your credit rating is good, can easily obtain a loan, a mortgage, or credit cards, among other things. But if you have a spotty payment history with a creditor, or even went into default with one or more loans, this negative action is reported to a credit reporting agency, which keeps track of your credit report. With a bad credit rating, you will be unable ...
  • How To Deal With A Credit Bureau To Repair Your Credit  By : Ryan Cote
    Good credit is crucial in today's economy. Good credit allows you to have credit cards, obtain car or home loan, and to take advantage of many other money-related conveniences. It is possible to live without good credit, but having a bad credit rating can affect you negatively for the rest of your life.

    You might be surprised to know that only a handful of credit bureaus in North America hold the key to your credit rating, and therefore your financial future. These credit ...
  • How To Check Your Credit Report  By : Stu Pearson
    When you are applying for a new credit card, or an extension of a credit or loan, your lender will review your credit report before granting you anything. So it is probably best to check up on your credit report as well. This way you can correct any inaccuracies and fix your credit report immediately. Ideally, you should check up on your report monthly, and even weekly, especially if you have made a large credit purchase.

    Consistently checking up your report will help you ...
  • Credit Bureaus, Who are they?  By :
    Credit bureaus, also referred to as a credit repository or CRA's , is an entity that gathers information about consumers' credit histories. Your credit history includes information concerning your identity, your payment habits, and your public record.
  • How To Obtain A Free Credit Report  By : Carrie Reeder
    Ready to apply for a mortgage loan? Thinking about getting a new credit card? Before you do, you may want to review a copy of your credit report to ensure that all your information is accurate. And, fortunately, there are quite a few ways to obtain a free copy of your credit report. Here's how:

    Make a phone call

    There are three major credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. They are legally required to provide you with a copy of your credit report--fo...
  • Credit Bureaus Adopt New Credit Scoring System  By : Rick Hendershot
    The three major consumer credit bureaus in the U.S. have recently created a new credit scoring system that will give financial institutions a more consistent evaluation of the credit worthiness of applicants.

    The three agencies -- Equifax, Experian and Transunion -- have introduced the new system called "VantageScore". The new scoring system will be used immediately for reporting to banks, lenders, and credit card companies, and will be available to consumers later in the ...
  • Instant Online Credit Report Pros And Cons  By : L. Sampson
    Knowing what is on your credit report is important and with the plethora of companies that offer instant online credit reports for free, getting a copy of yours is easier than ever. There are good reasons to take advantage free online credit reports, but with anything that contains your personal information, there are reasons to be cautious.

    Benefits of getting an instant online credit report

    Having instant access to your credit report can come in handy. If you are head...
  • How To Get A Free Copy Of Your Credit Report  By : Nick Davis
    If you're going to apply for a credit card, a mortgage, a loan or any other source of finance, one thing any potential lender will check is your credit report. This will tell them about any previous unpaid debts or legal judgments against you, and help them assess whether you are creditworthy or not.

    There are three three nationwide consumer reporting companies in the US: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. All keep different information about you, and all or any of them ma...

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