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  • Choose Your Credit Guide Carefully To Get Your Finances Back On Track  By : Snow Evans
    You no more need to hide in bunkers to escape your creditors. Cowards do that. You had better come out and face the difficult situation you are in with the help of an expert credit guide.
  • Which Kind Of Credit Card Should I Choose?  By : Michael D. Strauss
    There are so many credit cards available with different features, it can be hard to decide which one to apply for. A simple way of narrowing the field is to base your decision on your spending habits, rather than being swayed by eyecatching advertisements promoting features you may not need.
  • How Important Is Credit Card APR?  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Many credit card advertisements feature a low APR as the most prominent feature, but is that the most important thing with a card? There are many other benefits to consider, which might be more valuable than a low rate.
  • Get The Most Out Of Your Low Interest Credit Card  By : Jon Norwood
    You have applied and received your low interest credit card, and now you want to know what to do next. There are a few options you have available to you other than simply running out and purchasing various products, and a couple of thoughts to keep in mind that can end up saving you a great deal of money in the long run.
  • How To Choose Your New Credit Card  By : Joseph Kenny
    Choosing a new credit card is not just a personal choice. It's a lifestyle choice. There are hundreds of credit cards to choose from and savvy shoppers will want to choose credit cards that suit the way they spend and the things they want to do.

    Why Do You Need A Credit Card?

    First of all, consumers need to consider why they need a credit card. For example, some people may be using the credit card to improve their personal cash flow. They could do this by banking your s...
  • Which Type Of Credit Card To Choose?  By : Peter Kenny
    If you are worried about getting a credit card or have a credit card and it is not working out for you, then maybe you should look at some of the alternatives on offer. There are a growing number of card alternatives to credit cards, some of which may be a better option for you.

    Why look at alternatives?

    There are plenty of reasons why looking at credit card alternatives are a good idea. Although credit cards have their uses, they also have many dangers and problems. Cr...
  • Is Credit Card APR All That Counts?  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Choosing a credit card isn't simply a matter of going for the one with the lowest APR interest rate, you need to match the card to the way you spend. Getting it wrong can be costly, so how do you decide which type of card to apply for?
  • Secure Your Credit Card Right Now  By : Peter J Kenny
    Most people will have a huge amount of funds available to them on their credit cards alone. In fact the average customer will often have as much as ten thousand pounds or more available to them instantly in the form of credit card debt.
  • Time To Start Using Those 0% Credit Cards  By : Peter J Kenny
    Probably the most common form of zero per cent for a credit purchase is on balance transfers. So if you find yourself paying a lot of interest on existing credit card balances, then you could look into transferring this balance onto a new credit card that offers you zero percent to do so. This has the potential of saving you hundreds of pounds in interest payments.
  • The Disadvantages of Student Credit Cards  By : Peter J Kenny
    There are disadvantages to having a credit card as a student however. The main disadvantage is that it is very easy to get into credit card debt very quickly.
  • How To Get An Interest Free Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    The first thing to remember in any case is that there are two main types of 0% interest that you will be offered and these are very different deals. The first will be 0% on balance transfers and the second will be 0% on purchases. It is needless to go into the difference between a balance transfer and a purchase but suffice it to say that there is a very significant difference and there will be many cases where one of these offers will be of great value to you while the other will be practically
  • Earn Rewards Every Time You Use Your Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    One method that the credit card companies have been very keen to use to attract customers is by offering reward schemes and incentives. These schemes are generally targeted at the higher end of the market and wealthier customers and they will be of more interest to customers who usually pay off their entire credit card bills in full every month thus incurring no interest charges.
  • Which Credit Card To Apply For? - Tips To Help You Choose  By : Ed Vegliante
    So many different choices for credit cards: 0% APR credit cards, travel rewards credit cards, 0% balance transfer credit cards, and cash back credit cards. Selecting the right card for the way you use your credit card can mean a big difference in your pocketbook. Use this quick guide to help you spot the differences in your credit card offers:

    *Will you carry a balance every month or almost every month? If so, a lower interest rate is better for you. If you transfer a high...
  • Credit Cards Knowing This Can Save You When Choosing One  By : Hugh Parker
    When it comes to credit cards there are so many choices out there it can be really confusing when trying to determine which credit card is the best choice. We are all different with different likes and different habits and credit card companies know this, and have created card fee structures that differ according to peoples habits and circumstances. While a specific card might be perfect for one person, it might not be as desirable for another, and might even hurt that person...
  • Money To Burn? Consider A Premium Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    The amount you will have to pay for a premium credit card will vary enormously when you compare the offers from one credit card company to another. By and large, you should expect that the more you are paying for a premium credit card, the better the card will be and the more premium facilities and extra features the card will offer you
  • Check Out Payment Protection Insurance  By : Peter J Kenny
    Payment protection insurance is an optional insurance cover that you can pay for. The cost will be added to your monthly credit card bill and will typically be assessed on the basis of your outstanding credit card balance. So, for example, the cost of the insurance might be five pence on every pound you owe on your credit card bill, so if you owed one hundred pounds, five pounds would be added to the bill as the cost of the payment protection insurance.
  • Online Credit Card Use On The Up  By : Peter J Kenny
    The online spending trend is set to continue. More and more services are becoming available online, from online banking, financial services, applying for loans and mortgages, and a whole host of online business dealings, have made the internet probably far more important than the high street for many shopping needs.
  • Find A Free Credit Card - It's Not Difficult  By : Peter J Kenny
    Before we start talking about free credit cards, it is necessary to define somewhat what is meant be free in this context. While there are some credit cards out there that will charge you a monthly or annual subscription fee to become one of their customers and receive their credit card, these deals are becoming far less common than they used to be and therefore it is by far the norm now not to have to pay a subscription fee for a credit card.
  • Treat Yourself With A Rewards Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    The credit card companies are looking for ways to make us spend more money with our credit cards and as the more we spend the more profit that the credit card companies will get. Interest rates are getting higher and do not forget the retailers as they charge them a fee of up to 2% on the amount that we spend in their premises.
  • Student Credit Cards: What Every Parent Must Know  By : Ed Vegliante
    Your young adult offspring is heading off to college for the very first time. Chances are she is well equipped with all of her bedding, music,laptop computer, compact refrigerator, and a whole assortment of other items in tow to keep her happy. There is one thing that you may have overlooked, a real help for students and a godsend for parents: a student credit card. Yes, credit cards are an invaluable part of every student’s college experience if used wisely. Let’s take a loo...
  • Managing your Credit Card Online  By : Peter J Kenny
    There are very few credit card providers operating these days who will not allow you to interact with the company through the internet. You can start right from the beginning with your first application online and then once you are approved you will also be able to manage your credit card account online also.
  • Credit Card Basics – Understanding Five Main Credit Card Terms  By : Joseph Kenny
    Credit cards are easy, right? You have a credit limit. As long as your balance isn't as high as your credit limit, you can pay for things with your credit card. When you pay for something with your credit card, you don't have to pay for it until later. You pay interest on your credit card balance and as long as you don't go over your credit limit, everything's fine.

    Well, not quite. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about credit cards - and their answers...
  • 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards Will Not Last  By : Peter J Kenny
    Have you ever been attracted to a credit card because it promises you an outstanding interest rate that seems just too good to be true? Most of us have at some stage jumped for one of these attractive offers.
  • Business Credit Cards Can Make You Money  By : Jeff Weber
    Small business owners, more than any other credit card users, are in the best position to profit from their use of credit cards. Profit from credit cards? The idea may seem foreign, if not preposterous. However, the truth of the matter is simple: if you use your business credit card wisely and open a high yield savings account, your credit card can easily make you a few hundred dollars a month.

    Let's begin by discussing the types of small business credit cards on the marke...
  • Reward Or Cash Back Credit Cards – Maximising Your Returns  By : Joseph Kenny
    If you are one of the lucky customers who pays off their entire credit card balance in full each month, then interest rates will not be of much importance to you. You pay no interest as you never carry any balance over from month to month. What may be of more interest to you is the loyalty or reward schemes that various credit cards offer and therefore you should be deciding on which card to choose based on this information.

    Pay an Annual Fee For Better Rewards?

    Some c...
  • Save On A Credit Card – Transfer Your Balance  By : Peter Kenny
    Saving cash on your credit card is not something that is usually at the top of your agenda, as most of us trudge from day to day with our credit cards and do not give it a second thought when we make a purchase.

    This may be a good thing as you could be comfortable with your spending levels and have no worries about meeting your monthly statement. Your credit card is not giving you any problems, as to make you think about your financial position.

    Though, to go to the oth...
  • Guide To Gas Rebate Credit Cards  By : Joseph Kenny
    Looking for a way to cut back on your gasoline expenses? You could learn to drive at 55 - the speed which most experts say is the most economical on gas. You could trade in your car for a model that guzzles less of the expensive elixir. You could leave your car at home 10% of the time.

    Or you could do your credit card purchasing with a credit card that offers you gas rebate rewards. With the cost of gas spiralling through the roof with a speed it hasn't had since 1972, ga...
  • Guide To The Right Credit Card  By : Joseph Kenny
    It’s everywhere you want to be. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. Don’t leave home without it. Credit cards are everywhere – and their slogans make it clear. In the past decade, more and more companies have jumped on the credit card bandwagon to provide ‘affinity’ credit cards, branded credit cards and credit cards that offer rewards for their use. You can get cash back, cash donated to your favorite charity, cash in on your credit spending with airline miles and tanks...
  • Compare Business Credit Cards And Save Money  By : Robert Willard
    Today's business owners are able to take advantage of the incentives offered to them by applying for business credit cards. Whether it is a large or small business, having a line of credit is crucial and business owners need to compare business credit cards to determine whether or not they fit their business needs. In retrospect, by determining which card is in line with an owner's business, he or she is actually making one of the most valuable decisions a business owner can ...
  • Credit Cards For College Students - Finding The Best Available  By : Robert Willard
    Student credit cards are geared primarily toward college students. But there are many factors that can make a credit card the right choice for a college student. Therefore, it is important for consumers to first learn about each type of available card and then choose the one that is best for them.

    Secured credit cards are one type of card for students to consider. These cards are funded in advance of purchases and do not actually extend a line of credit in the form of a lo...
  • Finding The Best Reward Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts
    Reward credit cards come in a variety of forms. Specifically how points toward rewards are earned and the types of rewards that can be earned with a reward credit card varies from card to card.

    The rewards offered by reward credit cards are generally related to a special area. For example, some reward credit cards allow cardholders to earn points when making purchases at gas station, supermarkets, or drugstores. The rewards earned are often related to this in some way, suc...
  • Finding The Best Cash Back Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts
    Cash back credit cards provide fantastic opportunities for those that carry them. For every purchase a cardholder makes with one of these cards, money rebates are earned. This makes cash back cards potentially profitable for those that take the time to choose the best cash back credit cards and who use them properly. When looking for the best cash back credit cards, it is important to take several things under consideration.

    One area to consider when searching for the best...
  • Guide To The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts
    Balance transfer credit cards make an excellent choice for consumers looking to transfer a balance from a higher interest rate credit card to one with a lower interest rate. In this way, the consumer can save money by reducing or even eliminating finance charges. When looking for the best balance transfer credit cards, it is important to look at a variety of factors.

    The APR is one of the first factors a consumer should consider when looking for the best balance transfer ...
  • Cheap Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts
    Cheap credit cards come in many varieties. In addition, there are many factors a consumer needs to take into consideration when determining whether or not a credit card is truly cheap.

    The first factor most people consider when looking for cheap credit cards is its APR. The APR, or annual percentage rate, determines the amount of finance charges that will be added to the account if the balance is not paid in full at the end of each billing cycle. Therefore, the lower the A...

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