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  • Should you risk driving uninsured?  By :
    Some people think it is acceptable to drive a vehicle without insurance. This article asks whether they are within their rights to do so, or are running a risk that is too high.
  • A 3-Step Guide To Evaluate Car Insurance Quotes  By : BrayDobbin Smith
    When it comes to evaluating car insurance quotes, there are several things that you must take into your careful consideration. Do not believe everything that an insurance company wants you to.
  • Finding Cheapest Car Insurance - Some Important Tips  By : ken wass
    There are a lot of people out there who are looking for the cheapest auto insurance. What you should realize though, that you should get nice car insurance for a cheap deal. I mean you might find a lot of cheap deals out there, but not all of them are reliable in the way that you would get the insurance when you want it. So what should you do then? Well you should act smart, and get a cheap car deal that is the best in town too, so you would pay less and get more than your money's worth. For thi
  • Get A Low Rate Car Insurance Quote For Free!  By : Elizabeth Newberry
    If you are looking for a cheap car insurance quote for free, you are in luck! Most insurance companies that offer car insurance usually always offer car insurance quotes for free. So, the trick is not getting the cheap car insurance quote for free – the trick is getting the cheap car insurance quote!

    Many times your car insurance quote is based on your answers to a series of questions the car insurance company will ask you. Most car insurance companies will want to know in...
  • Gap Car Insurance: Do You Need It?  By : Joseph Kenny
    What is gap car insurance and how do you know whether you really need it? Gap car insurance, like many other types of insurance isn’t necessarily required. That is to say that you can certainly purchase a new car without gap car insurance; however, you could be leaving yourself open for some losses if you don’t purchase it. Read on for more tips to better understand whether you need gap car insurance or you can skip it.

    Gap car insurance covers the difference between the m...
  • Car Insurance Legal Expense Cover – The Policy Essential  By : Adrian Taylor
    Like many people buying car insurance, you shop around and buy online. You’ve found a really good, cost-efficient deal. So when it comes to the final checkout, do you choose to tick Yes or No in that Legal Expenses Cover box? It will add a little more to the total, and it’s not an absolute requirement, so you may be tempted to leave it out. Not least because it’s definitely not the most well-known part of insurance! It is, however, something we think you really should conside...
  • Car Insurance – Protect Your Second Wife!  By : NamSing Then
    Auto insurance in general, which includes car insurance is an insurance consumers can purchase for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It’s mainly meant to provide protection against losses incurred as a result of car accidents and also thefts of vehicle. It also includes losses arising due to natural calamities. To have your car insured is mandatory by law. When you insure you get a "policy" which is based on a variety of factors including the type of car you drive, as well as...
  • Auto Insurance 101 Explained  By : Joseph Kenny
    Auto insurance can be confusing for most consumers; there are so many different types of insurance and it can be difficult to determine the type of coverage you’re required to carry versus the types of coverage that you really should carry in order to protect yourself but that are not required.

    When considering how much car insurance you should have, it is best to do some research and find out what type of insurance is required by the state in which you reside. Not all sta...
  • 8 Easy Routes to Cheaper Car Insurance  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Car insurance is an expense that no driver can avoid, but there are some simple ways to reduce the cost as much as possible. Try these 8 ideas to see how much you could save.
  • Best Auto Insurance - How To Find It The Right Way?  By : Oliver Turner
    Auto insurance is an insurance policy bought by the auto owner to safe guard his/her vehicle against theft, accident and any other loss incurred. You can buy auto insurance for any of your auto mobile such as car, truck or bus. Auto insurance not only covers insured vehicle and insured party, but some times it covers third parties also. Different auto insurance policies have different terms, norms and conditions under which, these items are covered.

    Today large numbers of ...
  • Getting Cheap Auto Insurance For Your Son  By : Heather Colman
    Picture it... 2006 Your son has just obtained his drivers license and you are now faced with the task of finding cheap auto insurance to cover him and protect you both.

    Insurance premiums can vary dramatically. Keep reading to find how to you can find auto insurance that's cheap yet reliable.

    Let's face it. At this age, they haven't had the experience necessary for insurance companies to consider them anything but a high risk. But there are a few things you can do to fi...
  • Auto Insurance Comparison By State  By : Oliver Turner
    A large number of vehicles in USA are increasing day by day, along with it the need of cheap auto insurance is also increasing. According to the data provided, there are more than 190 million motorists with 240 million registered vehicles. In this article we will study the auto insurance policies in the different US states:

    Auto insurance companies in California: Every state has some rules and regulations that should be followed by all insurance companies. All auto insuran...
  • Secure Your Car For Lower Car Insurance Premiums  By : Joseph Kenny
    A question often asked is whether or not securing your car will help to reduce your UK car insurance premiums. Will this is certainly a factor you need to discuss with your car insurance company, you should note the following:

    Steering Wheel Locks

    While steering wheel locks may deter thieves from steeling your car, the fact is that most UK car insurance companies will not allow for the fact that you have one to affect the level of your car insurance premium. In short, i...
  • UK Car Insurance - Making A Claim  By : Joseph Kenny
    If you are unlucky enough to have an accident in the UK, you will need to know some of the basics ins-and-outs of how to make a claim on your UK car insurance.

    Personal Injury

    The first thing you should do following a car accident is to check and see if anyone in your car or any of the other cars has been injured. If they have, you should immediately call for medical assistance (ambulance). Once you have done this, keep in mind that you may need to include a medical rep...
  • Car Insurance. Bad Eyesight Threatens Your Insurance Cover.  By : Michael Challiner
    If you have an accident and it’s found that you’d failed to keep your car roadworthy, for example excessively worn tyres, and that was a contributory factor in the accident, your insurer will probably refuse to pay up. And the police may also show an interest too! Quite reasonable many of you will say. But what if it’s you that’s un-roadworthy?

    How many driving accidents are accompanied by the comment “I didn’t see the other vehicle”? And what happens if the problem was yo...
  • Car Insurance. Optional Legal Expense Cover Is Well Worth The Extra.  By : Michael Challiner
    Peter, our freelance journalists doesn't take kindly to people driving into his beloved car. No, he doesn't use his fourteen stone of gym-honed muscle to exact retribution nor is he into road rage. Of course he's got his car comprehensively insured but he's also covered another way. He's got legal insurance. He included in his car insurance as an optional extra. This extra cover allows him to claim for costs and losses excluded covered from normal comprehensive and third part...
  • What Goes Into Determining My Auto Premium?  By : Jessica Farrell
    Insurance companies consider many factors before they provide you with an auto insurance quote. Here is some of the basic information that goes into compiling your auto quote:

    Age: Insurance companies like older more experienced drivers. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 16 to 19 years olds are four times more likely than older drivers to be involved in a car crash. Premiums tend to decrease as the young driver ages.

    Type of Car: Bran...
  • Why Sports Cars Cost More To Insure  By : Joseph Kenny
    Have you ever wondered why sports cars cost more to insure than other types of car – even when the purchase price of the sports car is less expensive? If so, the following are the main reasons why this is the case.

    Car Insurance Group Categories

    While many of the factors that determine the make-up of car insurance quotes are not known, what is known is that insurance companies ‘group’ certain types of cars into categories. For this purposes, insurance companies have gro...
  • Car Insurance. Premiums Driven Down By The Internet.  By : Michael Challiner
    After so many experts have warned us that the cost of car insurance is on the rise, what's happened? It's fallen! It's mostly down to the growing impact of shopping online.

    In the second half of 2005 the average car insurance premium fell from £470.17 to £462.15. But it's the silver surfers who've benefited most. During the last six months of last year, drivers over the age of 65 have seen their average premium fall by 4.5% from £342 to £347. What is most surprising are th...
  • Free Online Car Insurance Quote – Make It Easy By Being Prepared  By : Gavin Bloom
    You can shop all day and night online for car insurance or you can be prepared and save time. Online car insurance quotes are as complete and accurate as the information that you provide. The best way to shop online is by giving the insurance company the detailed info that they need to give you the best possible rate.

    The Vehicle Identification Number – You must enter this number online to receive the proper rate. The Vehicle identification number on a vehicle will indicat...
  • Cheap Car Insurance For Teens – How To Keep The Rates Down  By : Gavin Bloom
    The teenager shopping for car insurance is at a decided disadvantage. Car insurance rates are based on age and driving experience as well as driving record. The best way for teenage drivers to work their way into better rates is stay on their parents policy in order to gain driving experience and a driving record. There is a good chance that after three years and a clean driving record that a preferred policy from the parent’s insurance company can then be issued on the teen ...
  • Car Insurance Policy – What To Know About Car Insurance Before You Shop  By : Gavin Bloom
    The car insurance policy has a lot of legal language that most of us do not begin to understand. The essential parts of the car policy are found in the declarations page that you receive when your policy renews. Car insurers are always competing for each other’s policyholders. Every car insurance company uses actuaries and underwriters to help determine the rates.

    Rating Territory – Whether you like it or not, your neighbors and friends in your community help determine the...
  • Low Cost Car Insurance - Where To Cut Costs  By : Gavin Bloom
    Car Insurance can be simplified once you begin to understand the declarations page. The declarations page is issued every time your car policy renews. The information on your renewal declarations page will give you all you need to know about how your policy is rated. The actual policy is very complicated because it is written in legal language. The declarations page is a synopsis of your protection and is divided into sections.

    Section I – Liability – This section indicate...
  • Car Insurance. Involved In An Accident With An Uninsured Driver?  By : Michael Challiner
    Uninsured drivers are ten times more likely to drink and drive and three times more likely to be convicted of driving without due care and attention. They also cause one accident every six months. In fact one in twenty motorists regularly drive without insurance. It's therefore not perhaps surprising that, one in ten of all motorists have been involved in accidents with uninsured drivers. The question is what to do if you're involved in an accident with one?

    At the time of...
  • The Basics Of Car Insurance  By : Mitch Johnson
    Car insurance basically covers you, your passengers and your car in case of an accident.

    Many states require you to carry liability coverage in your insurance policy. Liability insurance covers the expenses incurred for the damages for another vehicle with your own if you are at fault. So basically if you are in an accident and you caused the damage, then the liability of you car insurance will cover damages according to the terms that are in your policy.

    Collision co...
  • Cheap Car Insurance  By : Jenna Simpson
    Yes! It is possible to get cheap insurance. The best way to find low cost insurance is to get insurance quotes from several different companies and then you can see what the cheapest rate is. Here is a list of some things that contribute to the cost of your insurance.

    The first factor would be the area in which you reside. Insurers look at your neighbouring area. If your area has many accidents it will affect and increase your premium rate. Most of the time, you will find...
  • Car Insurance, Save On Premiums!  By : Michael Challiner
    Everyone has to agree to an excess of some kind when getting a car insurance policy – it's the way the system works. Basically it means that if you have an accident and your car needs to be repaired, you will have to pay a set amount towards the bill. If the accident is your fault, you lose the money. If the accident is not your fault, the third party insurer reimburses you for the excess payment. If your car is written off, then your insurance company will deduct your excess...
  • What Makes Classic Car Insurance Special  By : Gray Rollins
    Anyone who owns a vintage vehicle or a collection of enduringly stylish classic cars knows that a standard automobile insurance policy can’t adequately cover the specific needs of someone who drives a classic vehicle. A classic car owner is more likely than a standard driver to make a claim for repainting after a tiny scratch, for example; whereas a typical driver will be much more likely to get into a highway pile-up than a classic car owner. The habits and requirements of t...
  • Online Car Insurance Businesses: Buying Through The Internet  By : Dana Goldberg
    Nowadays, insurance have become a necessity in life. Why?

    Imagine your house being blown to pieces by a hurricane. Grasp in your mind that you were involved in an accident and requires hospitalization or expensive surgery. Think what will happen if your parked car was smashed into bits by a ten-wheeler truck.

    Who would pay for these damages? If you have a relatively low income, you cannot afford to pay for all of these alone. These kinds of disasters, man-made or cause...
  • The Different Elements Of A Car Insurance Policy  By : Gray Rollins
    The phrase “car insurance” implies that what you are insuring is your car, but the realities of car insurance are a bit more complex than that. When you purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you are protecting yourself from the costs of damaging your car, but that is just one element that makes up full automobile insurance coverage. You need insurance that can cover the legal fees that may result during a lawsuit if you take another driver to court after an accident...
  • Purchasing Car Insurance Online - Some Things To Know About Online Insurance  By : Jessica Farrell
    The Internet has been a blessing to both the Insurance Industry and consumers who want access to a wide range of providers quickly. The benefits of purchasing your car insurance online are many, here's a few of them.

    For starters, you have an unprecedented ability to compare and contrast between policies online, simply flicking between windows, or in some cases taking advantage of specialty brokers who will send you a comparative cost quote in very short order.

    If the s...
  • Getting A Good Car Insurance Rate For Your Teen - Saving Money When You Need It Most  By : Jessica Farrell
    If you'd like to insure your teenager to drive your car, be prepared to pay through the nose. It's an unfortunate fact of life that young people tend to have more accidents than their older counterparts, and insurance companies know this all too well.

    There may be some variance in the Teen rate your insurance company provides depending on the sex of the child, with males being a higher risk than females, and therefore more expensive to insure. Over all, the likelihood of s...
  • How To Find Very Cheap Car Insurance  By : Jessica Farrell
    No one wants to pay for more than what they’re actually getting, and no one wants to pay for services they don’t need. The same is true whether you’re purchasing telephone services or car insurance. If you’re looking for very cheap car insurance (and who isn’t?), take these tips into consideration.

    1. It’s easier to find very cheap car insurance during a soft market, also called the buyer’s market, rather than a hard market, also called the seller’s market. During a soft m...
  • How To Get Really Cheap Car Insurance - Sometimes Cost Is The Most Important Thing  By : Jessica Farrell
    So you'd really rather not have to pay for car insurance at all, but you have to. Them's the breaks I guess, but you can save money on that insurance and get your premiums super low if you use your head. Here are a few tips to get those premiums down.

    Get only 3rd party insurance. The easiest way to reduce costs is to reduce cover. Most states require that you have minimum 3rd party insurance, but any extra is up to you. Of course that means if your car is stolen then you'...
  • Car Insurance. It's Getting Increasingly Expensive When You're Elderly.  By : Michael Challiner
    There were 550 serious accidents last year where the driver was over aged 70 and where driver was either killed or badly hurt, reports the Institute of Advanced Motoring . That statistic represents 8% of the national total of 7,035 similar accidents. That means that the over 70's's have more, very serious accidents per mile than any other sector of the population. This view is supported by the Association of British Insurers whose research shows that drivers aged over 70 are ...
  • Car Insurance, Essential Information About Excess Payments  By : Michael Challiner
    An excess payment is the fixed contribution you must pay each time your car is repaired through your car insurance policy. Normally the payment is made directly to the accident repair garage when you collect the car. If your car is declared to be a write off, your insurance company will deduct the excess agreed on the policy from the settlement payment it makes to you.

    If the accident was the other drivers fault, and this is accepted by the third party's insurer, you'll b...
  • Cheap Sports Car Insurance - Some Tips To Save Money For Those Who Like To Drive Fast  By : Jessica Farrell
    Lets face it, this is probably not going to happen. Sports cars are expensive to buy, to run and to insure. However, you can keep your premiums down if you take a few common sense measures.

    Getting your insurance online is probably the easiest way to start saving. Companies offer discounts to people who purchase their insurance online, and it is very convenient for the purchaser as well. You can compare between policies quite easily on the Internet, and also receive quotes...
  • Car Insurance Top Tips  By : Michael Challiner
    The car insurance industry has got really competitive in the last few years, so prices haven't really changed much. There are now over 100 car insurers to choose from, so there are some very good deals out there for those who are prepared to shop around. 23% of motorists still choose to insure with the same company as the year before, but they could undoubtedly save money if they did check out some other companies.

    Motorists could be forgiven for not getting other quotes, ...

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