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  • 7 Important Benefits of Preparing Your Personal/Home Budget Using a Spreadsheet  By : B. Hokin
    Have you ever wished to make a start on setting up a home budget but were not sure how to start? Couldn't work out how to do the calculations and were not sure whether the answer would be correct? No more reason to stall. Use a pre-formatted spreadsheet that you only have to enter your financial income and expenses into. There are many of these available on the Internet. Ready to look at the benefits? Let’s go.
  • Avoiding Serious Financial Problems With A Durable Power Of Attorney Form  By : David F.
    A durable power of attorney form will authorize some one else to carry out specific tasks on your behalf, even If you become incapacitated. These tasks can include the power to buy, sell, borrow, sign checks, access bank accounts, sign tax returns, bring law suits on your behalf, carry out medical directives when incapacitated, etc.
  • Personal Finance – A Quick Introduction To Three Money Generating Instruments  By : Joel Teo
    Most people when asked today are either floundering in debt or asset rich and cash poor. This is because most of the funds and plans that people invest in are usually capital appreciation instruments. This means that you can make money due to the difference in the buying and selling price of the instrument. So while you are invested in the instruments, you do not make much with the exception of dividends issued either once or twice a year.

    This article will therefore intro...
  • Financial Terminology: Jargon Buster A - E  By : Richard Evans

    1. Account holder
    The person who has a personal loan account.

    2. Advance
    The mortgage loan itself is called the advance.

    3. APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
    An interest rate designed to show you the total annual cost of getting credit. It should include all the interest and charges payable by you as a condition of taking the loan. Where taking Payment Protection Insurance is a condition of taking the loan, this should also be included in the APR. The typical APR is ...
  • Financial Terminology: Jargon Buster F-L  By : Richard Evans

    1. Fraudulent application
    An application where false information has been used to illegally obtain a loan.

    2. Flexible repayment
    Allows you to vary monthly payments to fit temporary changes in your circumstances. You can pay off some of the loan amount in months where you have excess cash (for example, as a result of a bonus or extra commission), or you can reduce payments, or even withdraw cash, when you need extra funds. Not common on dedicated car loans.

    3. Fr...
  • Financial Terminology: Jargon Buster M-R  By : Richard Evans

    1. Mortgage
    A mortgage is a loan taken out in order to buy a home. The property that you buy is the security against which your repayments are held, so if you don't repay the loan, the home is repossessed.

    2. Mortgage term
    The period of time over which the mortgage loan is to be repaid.


    1. Negative equity
    You go into negative equity when the value of your home is less than the amount that you owe on your mortgage. Can happen very easily if you take out ...
  • Financial Terminology: Jargon Buster S - Z  By : Richard Evans

    1. Self-certification
    Should your income be difficult for a lender to assess through normal methods, you may need a self-certification mortgage. If you receive high bonuses, or work seasonally or on commission, or are self-employed this may be your only option. You will declare your income, usually backed up by a certificate from your accountant if you have one. Lenders want to see as much guaranteed income as possible. To compensate the lender for the increased risk on...

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