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                            Trifluoromethyl sulfonate 95%

                            Product Type Pesticide products
                            Product Name Trifluoromethyl sulfonate 95%
                            CAS NO. 2926-29-6
                            CAS No. : 2926-29-6
                            Molecular formula: CF3SO2Na
                            Molecular weight: 156.06
                            Structural formula:
                            Uses: Lithium battery electrolyte intermediate
                            Physical and chemical properties: Density: 1.532g/cm3; Solubility: soluble in water, slightly soluble in acetonitrile; Application: Lithium battery electrolyte intermediate
                            Packing: 25 kg / cardboard drum
                            Quality Index : Appearance: white crystal or powder, easy wet tide; content: ≥95.0%

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