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                            BASF transfers its Brazilian dicamba registration to Monsanto

                            release time:2020-07-15

                            (World Agrochemical Network) BASF has transferred ownership of its Brazilian Dicamax (dicamba) registration to Monsanto. The change has been approved by the regulatory agency and was published in the official joint communiqué on May 11, 2017. Facing the growing problem of weed resistance, Monsanto has been looking for products that can replace glyphosate, one of which is dicamba. Dicamba is an old species, but it may renew its life in the hands of Monsanto. According to BASF, Dicamax is a systemic herbicide used to control pre-emergence weeds. It can simulate the effect of auxin hormone and is specifically used to control broad-leaved weeds. The plant absorbs Dicamax through the phloem and xylem of the leaves and roots, and then quickly transports it to various parts and gathers in the growth area to inhibit growth. Dicamax was transferred from BASF to Monsanto and was recommended for weed control before soybean no-till planting. The product can also be used to dry soybean crops before harvest to obtain a uniform soybean harvest.

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